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Archive of WAVE Events

Recent Programs:

Summer 2023 Quarterly Meeting, July 19.  Effective  Board Relations.

As small nonprofit organizations, villages are governed by a volunteer board of directors--with or without paid staff. This quarterly meeting featured candid conversations on board governance: how an effective board should function and effective board relations with staff and committees

Plenary Session
Breakout Session
Plenary Session Chat
Plenary Introductory Slides


WAVE Quarterly Meetings

Spring 2023 Quarterly Meeting, April 19. Exploring Multigenerational Ideas. Presentations from villages that have added a multigenerational project to their offerings with positive results, as well as from villages whose mission is centrally built around an intergenerational model. Winners of the 2023 Founders Awards also were announced.

Plenary Session, including Founders Award (timestamped)
Breakout Session #1
Breakout Session #2
Plenary Session Chat

Quarterly Meeting Plenary Session Slides
Bradley Hills Village Everything Green -- Founders Award Winner
Arlington Neighborhood Village Penpal Intergenerational Project

January 23, 2023. The quarterly meeting included the WAVE Annual Meeting (election of officers and president, year in review) and a plenary featuring presentations on five topics of interest to villages.  The session concluded with four breakout sessions.

Annual Meeting and Plenary Session (timestamped)
Stronger Memory Breakout
DOROT/Tech Coaching Breakout
Collaborations Breakout -- Montgomery County Hub and Spoke Model and DC Villages Collaboration
Village Services Taxonomy Project Breakout

WAVE 2023 Annual Meeting Presentation
Plenary Chat

October 17, 2022. The plenary featured a presentation by Kathy Pointer on the innovative Age-in-Place DC Senior Services Pilot Project, information about the new Finishing Strong Award, highlights of the Village to village Network conference, and a presentation about the new WAVE website and member benefits. The breakouts were “Problem of the Day”—facilitated discussions on challenges and solutions from participants.  

Plenary Recording (timestamped)
Kingdom Care Senior Village Presentation

July 18, 2022.  Insurance Issues and Risk Management For Villages. Liability is something that concerns every village regardless of their scope and budget. Insurance experts presented information about important things to consider when determining insurance and areas for concern regarding liability. In addition, the program included presentations by the 2022 Founders Award winners: Hyattsville Aging in Place and Little Falls Village. See below for links to the recordings and handouts.

Awards and Insurance Plenary
Insurance Plenary Only
Breakout Session Facilitated by Ken Harris, Albany Guardian Society
Breakout Session Facilitated by Emily van Loon, Village of Takoma Park
A Nonprofit Primer, courtesy of Andy Cooley, Cooley and Darling Insurance Agency 

April 18, 2022. Financial Best Practices for Villages. Though the topic may not be a "best seller," village leaders must understand the necessity of having efficient and secure financial practices. How can we run an effective nonprofit with volunteers, limited staff and budget? This panel presentation touches on the board's financial responsibility to ensure basic internal structures, record keeping, tax and 1099 requirements, payroll, investment management, bill pay options, and financial reviews. Speakers:
  • Ross Hamory - Treasurer, Mount Pleasant Village
  • Eva Lucero - Executive Director, Dupont Circle Village
  • Elaine Vaughan - Financial Operations Associate, Supporting Strategies

The program also included the announcement of the winners of the 2022 WAVE Founders Award.

Mary Jo Deering slide deck

Zoom video YouTube

Zoom video of Founders Award Winners 

January 24, 2022.  Strategic Planning for Villages. The plenary session tackles a topic relevant to virtually every village: strategic planning. Special guest speaker: consultant Michael Feinstein, Vice President of Capacity Partners. Today, a successful strategic planning process takes a somewhat different approach from the model we were accustomed to 20 or more years ago. The constant flux of our environment requires that our village operations be nimble and flexible. Feinstein discusses what strategic planning is and isn't--and how it differs from an operational plan. He covers common pitfalls and the importance of preparation before embarking on a strategic planning process. The program also includes a report on the survey of WAVE villages about the impact of COVID, by Professor Lynn Addington of American University, and the elections of a new Board member and the Board president.

Minutes -- WAVE Annual Meeting 2022

Mary Jo Deering slide deck

Lynn Addington Report 

Michael Feinstein. Strategic Planning Overview

Eriko Kennedy. Strategic Planning 101

Zoom Video YouTube

Developing Village Programs on Aging Dying and Death

Click here for additional resources and information on the Finishing Strong Award.

June 13, 2022. Creating and Leading a Village Discussion Group on Aging, Dying, and Death. Many older adults are very interested in end-of-life issues and would like to find others to discuss them with. The Bethesda Metro Area Village (BMAV) has a Shared Interest Group (SIG) focused on aging, dying, and death. Launched in 2017, it has become the village's most popular SIG. Chris Palmer, who initiated and leads the group, facilitated a session on how other villages might start a discussion group on death and dying in their own village.

Creating and Leading a Village Discussion Group on Aging, Dying and Death -- Presentation

Mutual Support Zoom Sessions

March 23, 2023. WAVE Mutual Support Session.  Low-Fee and No-Fee Villages -- Thriving on Small Budgets

Slide Deck -- Wyngate & Maplewood Neighbors Helping Neighbors

October 10, 2022.  Queen Anne's at Home Ready or Not Workshop. Though most seniors want to age in place, most lack a concrete plan for making that happen. The Ready or Not program, designed by and for the members of the Queen Anne Village, is a planning tool and 3-4 session workshop that builds on the Village’s three quality of life pillars:  connection, purpose and empowerment. It provides a tool to help members organize and plan for aging in place; an educational program to provide members with knowledge they’ll need to thrive; and an opportunity to collaborate and develop practical strategies for staying healthy, safe, connected and independent at home.

Video of the session.

Recorded chat.

Additional information.

May 23, 2022. Surveys For New And Evolving Villages. Surveys can be an important tool for the development of Villages. They can be very valuable in initiating the start-up phase of a Village, as well as providing useful feedback from members of Villages in various stages of maturity. The King Farm Neighbors Village (KFNV) has carried out both types of surveys. Jim Grueff, their former president, facilitates this session.

Zoom video YouTube 

March 28, 2022.  Reimagining Volunteers. Villages recognize that volunteers aren’t just for delivering services. We need them to initiate and lead social/educational activities, help with village tasks like communications or IT, and so much more. Bill Emmet of Mount Pleasant and Noel Durham of Arlington Neighborhood Village lead the discussion on new approaches to working with volunteers.

Zoom video YouTube 

WAVE Special Speaker Series

September 29, 2022. The Future of Medicine for Older Adults. Dr. Mikhail Kogan. Too often, care for older adults relies on prescription medications and invasive interventions. Dr. Kogan discussed effective non-traditional pharmacological, integrative, holistic approaches to managing illness and promoting wellness.

Zoom video YouTube

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