WAVE Mission and Vision statements available for review and discussion 

If you are interested in help WAVE determine its future directions, please click here and review the statements we are working on.

Village Guide

The Village Guide is now available. Here is a link to the current draft for your information and comment.

Save the date for next WAVE quarterly meeting, Monday, Sept. 26

Round Table Discussions:

Think about what you would like to see WAVE do during this coming year: What programs would benefit you the most? What issues do you want to discuss with experts and/or peers? This meeting is your chance to bring up anything that you want to know, whatever you are struggling with, or just to get feedback and reactions to your plans.

Time to Pay Your WAVE Dues for 2016 - 2017

WAVE dues for 2015 are $35. You may already have received a dues statement electronically. If not, the dues form is here in Word or pdf format. Please pay your dues by July 31. Alternatively, you can bring a check to the WAVE meeting on April 25 and give it to our treasurer, Virginia Hodgkinson. If you have questions, contact Virginia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
WAVE asks that operating villages pay dues. Emerging villages are not required to pay dues, but a voluntary donation to WAVE is welcome.


WAVE Directory

Thanks to the work of L. Liddle and others we have a directory of WAVE Villages in pdf format.

Click here to download the directory.

WAVE Discussion Forum

Hear ye, hear ye!  The WAVE Discussion Forum is now operating. It is titled Discussion and located under the Groups tab above.

You do not need to have a user ID and password to be able to read and to post on the forum.  If you have a user ID and password and sign in, you can access the forum and post new topics or respond to existing topics without the need for completing those pesky questions at the end that prove you are a human.  There are several questions already posted on planned giving, subsidized memberships, volunteer recruitment, and intergenerational memberships.

The Tech Discussion forum is a restricted forum specifically for dealing with administrative software.  We have two projects going (VillageConnect and Village Stand-alone Database) which will use the forum to share experiences, questions and support.  You must have a user ID and request participation in that from the WAVE technology team. 

For information on logging in or creating a user ID click here


Montgomery County Villages

Upcoming Montoomery County villages gathering Sept. 27, 2016 Click here to see flyer

We have been working with Pazit Aviv the Montgomery County Village Coordinator to create a section for you. In includes her monthly emails on upcoming events and a number of links which may be of interest. The Montgomery page  is located under the heading Groups.


The About Us page has information about WAVE.  Under About Us is a page Our Villages which lists the Villages in the Washington metropolitan area and has a map of their locations. 

The Calendar includes upcoming WAVE and member organization activities.  (Send us information for your village events.)

The Meetings page includes upcoming WAVE related meetings and information on past WAVE meetings.

The In the News page has stories in the print and other media about Villages.

The Announcements page is WAVE and its villages can list information which may be of interest to others.



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Upcoming Events

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