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Save The Date:  The next WAVE triannual meeting is on Monday, February 26, 2018

For details, look on our WAVE Calendar at February 26, 2018.

2017 Village Dues

Please pay your dues now.  Here is the form to send in with your dues: 2017 WAVE Dues Form

Villages That Have Paid Their 2017 Dues:

District of Columbia

  •   Capitol Hill Village     YES
  •   Cleveland & Woodley Park Village     YES
  •   East Rock Creek Village      YES
  •   Foggy Bottom/West End Village      YES
  •   Georgetown Village    YES
  •   Mount Pleasant Village     YES
  •   Palisades Village      YES
  •   Waterfront Village       YES


  •   Bannockburn Neighbors Assisting Neighbors      YES
  •   Bethesda Metro Area Village     YES
  •   Bradley Hills Village      YES 
  •   Cheverly Village       YES
  •   Chevy Chase at Home      YES
  •   Greater Stonegate Village      YES
  •   Hyattsville Aging in Place      YES
  •   Kensington: The Villages of Kensington     YES
  •   Maplewood Village      YES
  •   Potomac Community Village     YES
  •   Takoma Park:: Village of Takoma Park      YES


  •   Arlington Neighborhood Village      YES
  •   Lake Barcroft Village       YES
  •   Lowlinc       YES  
  •   Mount Vernon at Home      YES

Spotlight on Technical Education in a Digital World

For any of us wanting to improve our technical skills or to learn a whole new subject, there are many resources available, and they are free!  All we need to do is to look to our libraries.  Each of our county public library systems has a host of technical classes on almost any technical topic.  And in Montgomery County there is a new project called Senior Planet (see below).which is offering classes and lectures in several local libraries and senior centers.

Montgomery County:  To see a schedule of public library classes, Click here and then (1) Choose your Dates, (2) Choose your Location(s), (3) Under Event Types, uncheck All Event Types, then check Computers & Smart Technology, and (4) At the bottom left, click the Find button.  Your list of classes appears in date sequence.  To see a calendar of your classes, click the Calendar View button at the top of the page.

DC:  To see an overview of public library classes, Click here.   For a good description of the classes available, click Class Descriptions.  Then to see a schedule of classes, click The Library Calendar in the fourth paragraph.

Fairfax County:  To see a schedule of public library technology classes, Click here.  The Sherwood Regional branch has a computer lab with a full schedule of computer classes (call 703-765-3645 Option 4 for information).

Senior Planet Montgomery County:  The Senior Planet project began in New York City in 2013.  Senior Planet Montgomery County began in 2016 and is offering technology classes and technology lectures in several Montgomery County libraries and senior centers.  Click here to see an overview of Senior Planet Montgomery County.  Then click the Events & Courses button to see Course Descriptions and Times.  At the bottom of the page is a calendar for the Explore Tech Lecture Series.

WAVE Mission and Vision statements available for review and discussion 

If you are interested in help WAVE determine its future directions, please click here and review the statements we are working on.

Village Guide

The Village Guide is now available. Here is a link to the current draft for your information and comment.

WAVE Directory

Thanks to the work of L. Liddle and others we have a directory of WAVE Villages in pdf format.

Click here to download the directory.

WAVE Discussion Forum


Montgomery County Villages

Upcoming Montoomery County villages gathering Sept. 27, 2016 Click here to see flyer

We have been working with Pazit Aviv the Montgomery County Village Coordinator to create a section for you. In includes her monthly emails on upcoming events and a number of links which may be of interest. The Montgomery page  is located under the heading Groups.

Guide to our Web Site

The About Us page has information about WAVE.  Under About Us is a page Our Villages which lists the Villages in the Washington metropolitan area and has a map of their locations. 

The Calendar includes upcoming WAVE and member organization activities.  (Send us information for your village events.)

The Meetings page includes upcoming WAVE-related meetings and information on past WAVE meetings.

The Announcements page is for WAVE and its villages to list information which may be of interest to others.



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