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WAVE Meeting Monday, October 26, 2015  

Copy of the joint Presentation from Pazit Aviv (MD), Patricia Rohrer (VA) and Brian Footer (DC) that was given at the meeting

The next WAVE quarterly meeting will be held on October 26. Iona Senior Services is hosting the meeting at 4125 Albemarle Street NW, Washington, DC 20016 (map). IONA is located one block from the Tenley Town metro stop on the red line. IONA’s phone number is 202 966-1055.

Coffee and refreshments will be available starting at 9:00.  The program will start at 9:30 and end at noon.  

The program will focus on the role of government and activities of local jurisdictions to support villages and aging in the community.


9:00 – 9:30   Coffee and refreshments courtesy of Grand Oaks

9:30 - 10:30  Program:  Enhancing Village Capacities: Role of Local Government            

Brian Footer, DC Office on Aging
Patricia Rohrer, Fairfax County
Pazit Aviv, Montgomery County

10:30- 10:40  Break

10:40-11:10   WAVE Business Meeting

Strategic Plan for WAVE - Patricia Clark
IT Group Report – Don Moldover
Village Guide Writing Group Report

11:10 - Noon   Informal Discussion Groups

Meet with your own government village advocate
Executive Directors
WAVE Board


WAVE Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Monday 26 October 2015

The Wave Quarterly meeting was opened by Miriam Kelty, WAVE President by introducing Sally White, Iona’s Executive Director. Sally welcomed everyone and introduced Deb Rubenstein, Iona’s Director of Consultation, Care Management and Counseling, who encouraged WAVE members to get in touch with her if they needed any assistance with their village members: (202) 895-0249 – direct line, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Staff from Grand Oaks Assisted Living, Christine ? and Lori ?, were introduced and thanked as the sponsors for the meeting’s refreshments. 

Panel Presentation

Introductions for the “Role of Government: Enhancing Village Capacities” panel were made.  Each panelist presented information on how each of their respective local governments provided assistance to villages in their jurisdiction. The three panelists are the appropriate contacts for information about villages, government resources, and technical assistance.

Brian Footer from the District of Columbia’s Office on Aging discussed DC’s interest in making DC’s neighborhoods more age friendly, while recognizing the value that villages offered its citizens’ well-being. He stated three principle roles for this work: 1) to design policy to assist the development of services; 2) providing technical assistance and coordination for sustainability; and 3) create opportunities for collaboration.  He also spoke about the importance of increasing awareness re: villages; leveraging partnerships for villages; and building villages’ capacities in their communities. 

Patricia Rohrer, Fairfax County Long Term Care Program Developer, spoke to the supports offered villages by Fairfax County including building capacity collectively, offering access to resources, reducing barriers, serving as a connector to community services and providing best practices.   Patricia mentioned some of their accomplishments to date, such as assisting in developing village websites and videos; providing guidance and technical support while encouraging collaborations; and providing in-kind and financial support and arranges mentoring.

Pazit Aviv , Montgomery County’s Village Coordinator, spoke about the origins and capacities of her role within the Mont. County Area Agency on Aging. Pazit addressed the importance of supporting diverse communities to build capacity for village development. This effort has led to providing space in public buildings, helping access small community grants, assistance in providing educational workshops and encouraging the development of livable environments.  She also discussed her strong role in supporting village communications by developing web-based interactive mapping, monthly email updates, organizing meetings and conferences and providing consultations. 

Discussion –

Cheverly Village raised transportation as an important, cross-jurisdictional issue. Mention was made of the Jewish Council on Aging’s Village Rides/Northern Virginia Rides program, which had been discussed in the previous WAVE Quarterly meeting in July.  Prince George’s County may be studying participation in JCA’s efforts.

Mt. Pleasant Village asked for a definition of “diverse” when Mont. County discussed this priority. It was defined as “high impact areas” which needed strong community education and support.  Mention was made of the on-going refinement of the Montgomery County Village Guide with a chapter on serving diverse communities. 

Reston for a Lifetime requested more information about DC’s mention of “vertical villages.” Discussion revolved around establishing villages in apartment buildings in DC.  [Note: no recognition was given to the Vertical Village at Wildwood in Arlington VA, the first of its kind.]

Foggy Bottom Village discussed the importance of addressing social isolation and those unwilling to ask for help. Several participants mentioned the importance of outreach and getting to know & help your neighbors.

WAVE Business Meeting

Barbara Sullivan gave an overview about the success of the Seattle VTVN National Gathering, with the most attendees ever and the excellent speakers at the conference.

Virginia Hodgkinson provided the Treasurer’s Report: WAVE has 25 paid members with $4,325.50 in the bank. She reminded everyone of the importance of paying WAVE dues in order to support our efforts and have a vote in formal matters.  Dues are $35/year staring on 15 July of each year.

Patricia Clark provided a short overview of WAVE’s strategic planning efforts and invited member participation.

Don Moldover offered a short report from the IT Group and its efforts towards providing WAVE members with access to either a stand along village database or a more comprehensive database similar to one in use by Capitol Hill Village. He mentioned that the group needs to be re-energized and is open to member support.

Pazit Aviv gave a longer summary of the Mont. County Village Guide – a living document, outline available on-line. 

Foggy Bottom/West End Village suggested that the Strategic Plan should encourage villages to conduct joint programs to encourage collaborations and getting to know each other.

DuPont Circle Village suggested that we note in the Plan how we define “service” so that we can get reluctant individuals to get involved for companionship and social activities.

Wyngate Neighbors Helping Neighbors stressed the importance of intergenerational programming to encourage both receiving and giving to village members’ communities. 

Meeting adjourned with a break and subsequent interest groups convened. 

WAVE Meeting Monday, July 20, 2015

Copy of the joint Presentation on Village Rides and NV Rides at the meeting.

The next WAVE quarterly meeting will be held on July 20. Arlington Neighborhood Villages is hosting the meeting in the Fellowship Hall of the Church of the Covenant, 2666 Military Road, Arlington 22207. A map to the address is here. The Church of the Covenant is not near Metro, but there is plenty of parking in the lot to the right as you enter the grounds. Enter the building through the lower level doors next to the parking lot.

If you expect to attend, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can plan space and refreshment needs.

Coffee and refreshments will be available starting at 9:00. The program will start at 9:30 and end at noon. The program for the July meeting will focus on transportation – the service most in demand at almost every village.

NVRides http://www.nvrides.org/) is a network of service providers who have come together to improve the scheduling and tracking of volunteer transportation services for older adults throughout Northern Virginia.
Village Rides (http://www.villagerides.org) is a pilot program in Montgomery County that offers ride-scheduling software, training and support to village volunteers who drive older residents to where they want to go.
The Virginia and Maryland programs are similar in that both offer the same scheduling and tracking system at no cost to all villages in their service area. Presenters will be the leaders of the program in each of the two service areas: Jennifer Kanarek from NVRides and Yonette Williams from Village Rides.


9:00 Coffee and light refreshments courtesy of Synergy Homecare.

9:30 - 10:30 Program: Coordination and management of volunteer transportation

  • Jennifer Kanarek from NVRides
  • Yonette Williams from Village Rides

10:30- 10:40 Break

10:40-11:10 WAVE Business Meeting

  • Strategic Plan for WAVE - Patricia Clark
  • IT Group Report
  • Village Guide Writing Group Report

11:10 - Noon Informal Discussion Groups

  • WAVE strategic plan
  • Issues for emerging villages
  • Executive Directors

WAVE Board Minutes
Monday, 27 April 2015

In Attendance:

Miriam Kelty Peggy Gervasi Pat Scolaro
Bob McDonald L. Liddle Eddie Rivas
Don Moldover Pat Clark Iris Molotsky


Unable to Attend:

Virginia Hodgkinson    Barbara Sullivan


Quarterly meeting was well received; we should consider repeating the topic/program area of partnerships between villages and health care systems/hospitals. We should also investigate how anecdotal data from Villages might be studied to demonstrate the value that villages offer to health care systems in their efforts to lower their recidivism rates. Discussion led to national efforts to collect data on village outcomes and how WAVE members can/do contribute. Moreover there exists an interest in how such data collection might lead to raising revenues/funds for villages in the DC area, etc.

Action: Eddie R. made a motion, seconded by Bob M, unanimously approved that Iris M. will develop a proposal outline for consideration, to collect data region-wide from WAVE members.

L Liddle suggested that we survey all WAVE members to collect a census of Villages. All agreed. L will draft a set of survey questions for review and comments by the Board.

The likely presentation topic for the next WAVE Quarterly meeting target for 27 July in Northern VA will focus on the topic of transportation and Fairfax County’s participation in Ride Scheduler program.

Don M. offered that the software package presentation went well during the Quarterly meeting. L agreed and stated that villages seemed to feel that the budget forecasting tool was useful. Don suggested that we consider sharing the costs of the server used to host the package with the three WAVE villages currently using the tool. Discussion was tabled without decision at this time.

Don M. reported that Norma Hardy from DC’s Ward 8 village volunteered for website training.

Miriam K. presented the financial report: WAVE currently has $3,600 in assets; $2,000 in contributions; $1,000 in collected dues; for a total of $3,800. Our expenses equal $187.59.

Pat C. led a discussion about a proposal for WAVE strategic planning. The Board needs to review the Mission and Vision statements to prepare for a strategic planning effort. We should assure that a cross section of WAVE members participate in a 4-6 hours strategic planning session, which will end up with 4-5 strategies for future action/direction for WAVE. Questions to be considered include is WAVE to remain in the status quo or should it become a fiscal agent for grant projects, etc.? Should it
become active in advocacy/public education efforts or should it remain a consultative body?

Action: Pat will lead the Board through revisiting the visioning effort during out next Board meeting on Thursday 18 June from 12:30 to 4:00 pm at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Service Center, focused on the future of the aging field and its impact on WAVE for our future direction.

Don M. & Peggy G. led a discussion about discussion forums on the WAVE website: a protected Board forum, an IT Project forum (open/closed?) and an Open WAVE Member forum, which Peggy volunteered to monitor. Action: Don and Pete Olivere will draft a policy for determining content to be posted to the WAVE website for review and discussion.

L Liddle led a discussion on how much personal information should be listed in the WAVE Village Directory given that it is a public document. Action: L will email those individuals whose personal information is listed in relation to a village effort to determine whether or not they want their information made publicly available.

Meeting adjourned!


WAVE Meeting Monday, April 27,2015 (REVISED)
(Program re-scheduled from January)

The April 27 WAVE meeting will feature the program partnerships between villages and hospitals which was planned for the cancelled January meeting. It will take place on Monday, April 27, 9:30 - noon at the Bethesda/Chevy Chase Regional Services Center. The center is located at 4805 Edgemoor Ln, Bethesda, MD 20814 "Standalong Village Database".  Click here and the phone number is (240) 777-8200. Please put the meeting on your calendars and let interested people from your villages know about it. Our meetings are open and all are welcome.

Miriam Kelty
President, WAVE

The meeting will start with networking at 9:30.  (not 9 as in previous months)

The presentation is on Village-Hospital Partnerships: How we can work together to provide services and foster shared goals

Our speakers are from Sibley Hospital in DC, Suburban Hospital in Maryland and Virginia Hospital Center. Staff of the three area hospitals will speak about what they are doing to work with their older constituencies and how they and their hospitals might collaborate with local villages that support aging in place in the community. It will also be a good opportunity to learn about senior clubs, discharge planning and follow-up processes, care coordination, medication issues, health education and literacy and health buddy training. Also, it is an opportunity for village leadership and members to educate hospital staff about villages and to share your needs and concerns with them.

Marti Bailey is Director Sibley Senior Association. Ask her about that group, including Club Memory and Widowed Persons Outreach and about how their staff may work with village volunteers.

Cathy Clark and Margie Hackett, Suburban Hospital Outcomes Management, will talk about their post-discharge follow-up program and about how their staff can collaborate with villages.

Mary Belanich, Director of Senior Health Programs at Virginia Hospital Center, will describe her program including Senior Associates, Health Awareness, Caregivers Support Group and other activities.

Melissa Zimmerman, a social worker at Capitol Hill Village. She will present that village’s perspective on its experience with Medstar Washington Hospital Center.

This meeting should be a good way for hospital outreach/transition planning and senior program staff leaders and village leaders and members of existing and emerging villages to meet, exchange contact information, and establish relationships.


WAVE IT Group will also be making a presentation on the "Standalong Village Database".  Click here for a pdf of the slides; there will be no handouts at the meeting.

The building is near the Bethesda metro station and there is parking in the county garage. The County garage can be entered from Woodmont Av or Edgemoor Ln. Make sure you enter the County garage rather than the adjacent private garage - there is a big price difference between the two.

Directions are at  http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/bcc/contact.html.      Link to Google map


Miriam Kelty, President
Wasington Area Villages Exchange (WAVE)

WAVE Quarterly Meeting Minutes
Monday, 27 April 2015

Village Hospital Partnerships

Presentations were made by staff representing the Sibley Hospital Senior Association, Virginia Hospital Center’s Senior Health Programs, Suburban Hospital Outcomes Management Team and Capitol Hill Village/MedStar Washington Hospital Center’s Medical House Calls Program.

Highlights of their presentations include:

  • Sibley partners with Palisades and Little Falls Villages to avoid duplication of efforts with support groups, day trips and educational workshops. Sibley conducts volunteer training for those villages. The villages pay a $40 lifetime membership pay to Sibley Senior Association for each of their village members who participate in the Sibley program at no charge (except for exercise classes for which there is a charge).
  • When considering village-hospital partnerships, consider geographic locations and contact their geriatrics/adult medicine departments; consider assigning an ambassador for your village; and work towards financial incentives for both village and hospital involved.
  • The VA Hospital Center partners with Mt. Vernon, Vertical Village, At Home Alexandria and Arlington Neighborhood Villages, with LifeLine services (potential discounts), and also provides educational workshops and community exercise programs.
  • Suburban’s team works on developing a process for discharged patients at differing levels of care to transition to home or wherever appropriate; they schedule follow-up appointments when the village member is still in the hospital; they assist by finding a “health buddy” if possible and with medication management; they provide Be Well Bags with a Get Well Kit for their discharged patients. Suburban invites ‘ambassadors’ from each village to work with their staff.
  • MedStar WHC’s Medical House Call program provides an integrated health care team to provide health care to homebound elders, supported by care coordination provided by Capitol Hill Village for their participating members.

Villages are encouraged to contact the nearest hospital to start similar programs and to collaborate to prevent hospital readmission and engage in discharge planning and social support.

Business Meeting & Announcements

All were asked to be sure to RSVP for future Quarterly Meetings as space was limited given that more than twice the number of RSVPs were in attendance.

All were reminded that 2015 dues forms are available at the registration table. Each village that wishes to be a voting member should pay $35 dues by July. Emerging villages/villages in development are welcome to make donations to WAVE.

DC’s Northwest Neighbors Village has received a grant to train volunteers in medical notetaking/accompanying others to medical appointments. Please contact them for more information.

The IT Team for WAVE is looking for volunteers that could be trained to keep the website up-to-date.

The WAVE Village Directory is posted on the WAVE website -- wavevillages.org

The Village Guide is drafted and is being reviewed. All villages interested in being included in the resource appendix should forward a short (under 1 page) description to Pazit Aviv at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Candace Baldwin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for information about a May 15, 2015 World Café with the Faith Communities in Washington DC.

N4A will hold a Senate Briefing on release of their livable communities report on May 6, 2015 -- http://www.n4a.org/calendar_day.asp?date=5/6/2015&event=56

Fairfax County, the Arts Council of Fairfax County, and AARP Virginia, together with several community organizations and businesses, invite you to celebrate Older Americans Month at the Creative Aging Festival in May 2015. More information is at http://www.hollinhallseniorcenter.org/fairfax-creative-aging-festival/

Dupont Circle Village invited everyone to participate in the Celeb Salons throughout the year. More information is available at http://www.dupontcirclevillage.net/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=161481&module_id=179039

The 7th Annual National Village Gathering is coming to Seattle WA from October 5-7, 2015. Detailed information for this learning and networking opportunity can be found at http://vtvnetwork.org/content.aspx?page_id=87&club_id=691012&item_id=420285

WAVE Teleconference

Tuesday, November 18, 2014; 3:30-5:00 pm

Call in Number:  240-773-8138 Passcode 620528.


Welcome new Board members

Planning WAVE’s operations

Board member activities
President: Overall responsibility for affairs of organization
VP: Shadow President, be prepared to take over, assist President
Secretary: Take Minutes and distribute them two weeks following Board meeting or quarterly meeting; keep membership records; send out meeting notices and reminders to mailing list (members and non-members); prepare annual report with assistance of other Board members
Treasurer: File IRS forms annually; maintain bank account; keep financial records; keep records of dues-paying members; disburse funds; report on finances.
Members at large: Chair Committees

We need a committee to develop operating processes and procedures

Strategic planning committee: Should it be a committee of the whole board or a subgroup? Develop plan for WAVE for next 2-3 years including a major information and education campaign to let the metro community know who we are and what we represent and support . Part of this campaign will
define WAVE’s role in larger Village movement as largest and oldest regional group. Attached is an outline of what this campaign needs to accomplish.

Committee to develop policies and to coordinate services WAVE provides to Village movement: consultation service to new and operating villages in and external to our region; speakers service in our region; a resource to villages

IT Committee: Development and distribution of database and/or full information system to serve villages

Village Guide Committee: An existing committee that could come under group to coordinate services. The Village Guide will be offered as a service to villages

Program Planning Committee: In consultation with others, plan substantive program for quarterly meetings and identify and make arrangements with a sponsor who will provide refreshments

WAVE Board Meeting Notes

Monday, 18 November 2014; 3:30 pm

Board Members Present:

Miriam Kelty, President, Bannockburn Neighbors Assisting Neighbors, MD; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 301.229.5639

Bob McDonald, Vice-President, Foggy Bottom West End Village, DC; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 202.594.6516

Virginia Hodgkinson, Treasurer, Mt. Vernon At Home, VA; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 703.660.6987

Eddie Rivas, Secretary, Vertical Village at Wildwood/Rt. 1 Corridor, VA/MD; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 703.598.766

Patricia Clark, Glover Park Village, DC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Peggy Gervasi, Silver Spring Village, MD This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Linus Liddle, Alexandria At Home, VA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 703.548.1962

Don Moldover, Potomac Community Village, MD This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 240.242.9366

Iris Molotsky, DuPont Circle Village, DC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 202.328.1121

Patricia Scolero, Georgetown Village, DC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 202.338.5321

Barbara Sullivan, Mt. Vernon At Home, VA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 703.303.4060

Governance Discussion & Responsibility of Officers

Discussion centered around the “job descriptions” for each officer; defining what an annual report would look like; where responsibilities lay for keeping a list of WAVE Members (designees for each village) and for a list of individuals who will receive emails from WAVE; for posting the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws on the WAVE website; and for various other governance issues under the purview of the Board. 

There was general agreement that the President is to oversee all operations for the Exchange (WAVE) and would work closely with the Vice-President, as her “understudy” for the future.  Similarly, other officers would work closely with other Board members so that there is always backup knowledge.  While the Secretary remains responsible for recording meeting proceedings and documenting actions taken by the Board, he will work with Assistant Secretary for Membership who will maintain the official WAVE membership list and assist with bulk emails.  The Treasurer will maintain all financial records and file IRS forms as required. 

The annual report discussion was about its content (Statement of Annual Activity) and when the first report should be prepared.  Since there are many variations of what annual reports look like, it was agreed that the first one to be prepared next year for 2014 should be simple without too much detail.  It would contain background on WAVE’s beginning/incorporation, a list of topics covered at quarterly meetings, and simple treasure’s report. 

It was agreed that there would exist separate lists of all active WAVE participants versus a list of official village contacts/membership list.  Don Moldover will maintain the electronic list of active WAVE participants while L Liddle and Virgina Hodgkinson will compile a formal list of WAVE member representatives with the list of Board members. 

As mentioned earlier, WAVE Inc.’s Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws will be posted on the WAVE website for easy access.  Don M. offered to take care of this task.

Don M., Iris Molotsky and Pat Scolero agreed to work on developing a framework/draft Operations and Procedures for WAVE.

Pat Clark, Virginia Hodgkinson and Bob McDonald will work on Strategic Planning for WAVE.

It was agreed that WAVE would establish a consultative/technical assistance team made up of members from the three WAVE jurisdictions – DC, MD & VA.  Peggy Gervasi will ask Patzit Aviv of Montgomery County to work with her to represent MD; Barbara Sullivan will reach out to Patricia Rohrer of Fairfax County, representing VA; and Lynn Golub-Rofrano of Georgetown Village, Marianna Blagburn of Northwest Neighbors and Gail Kohn of DC Government will represent DC. 

Likewise, it was agreed that there would be created a Program Planning Committee who will develop an agenda, sponsorship and location logistics for every quarterly WAVE meeting.  As WAVE meetings rotate among all three geographic jurisdictions, each jurisdiction will take responsibility for planning the quarterly meeting and its program with guidance and approval from the WAVE Board.  For calendar year 2015, the January meeting will be hosted by MD, April meeting in VA, July meeting in DC and October meeting in MD, continuing the rotation into 2016. 

Don M. and Peggy G. reported on a discussion forum tool that is in pilot stage at this time.  They ask that all Board members log in to test the tool at http://wavevillages.org/index.php/groups/it-work-group/pilot-test-software  Peggy G. said that she would send log-in instructions to Board members again to make the process easier.

Lastly, Miriam Kelty asked the Board for comments on whether the January meeting’s (tentatively Monday 26 Jan. 2015) program could be about villages working with hospitals in the DC area. After discussion, it was agreed that it made sense for a few hospitals to be invited to address what they are specifically doing to work with their older constituencies and how they may be working/cooperating with local villages.  Hospital representatives, leaving time for villages to engage them in discussion, will make presentations. 

Adjourned at 5:10 pm.  

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