WAVE Triannual Meeting, Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bob Craycraft, SW Waterfront Village, welcomed everyone and introduced Reverend Martha Clark, Rector, St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, who also welcomed everyone to their facility. 

Miriam Kelty, Co-Chair of WAVE representing Maryland Villages, also welcomed attendees, explaining the new schedule of WAVE membership meeting three times per year – Triannual Meetings. 

The IT Committee offered in their report that they are still working after four years on studying village software packages that offer the best value to villages. Having studied many existing packages and not able to find developers willing to develop packages without a guaranteed return, the IT Committee has decided that they will serve in a “Consumer Reports” function to evaluate software packages for villages, in hopes that their reviews will lead to improvements and affordability.  The Committee also announced that Dave Prescott has taken over the duties of managing WAVE’s website.

The Treasurer’s Report stated that WAVE had collected $420.00 in revenue, spent $588.00 in expenses, had $5,102.00 in carryover, for a balance of $4,934.00.  All villages were reminded of the importance of paying village dues of $35.00 per year so that WAVE can prevent using up our reserves.

Secretary’s Report – The minutes from the June 2017 Triannual meeting were accepted as written and posted for review.


  • Iona Senior Services announced an upcoming Practice and Ethics Committee discussion about ethical village issues.
  • Home Care Assistance, serving DC and Montgomery County, MD soon, was introduced as the sponsor for the refreshments of this Triannual Meeting.
  • Sharon Canner, Neighbors Helping Neighbors (N2N) in Reston, VA announced that there would be a Virginia Village Day in February 2018.

Guest Speaker:

Becky Theriot, founder and owner of A First Class Move (AFCM) was introduced to speak about Disorganized Homes and Hoarding.  She stated that her business was targetted to individuals whose homes were “bursting at the seams” with clutter, which can cause safety risks that can lead to health issues.  Among her more pointed remarks: hoarding is a disorder that can be treated but not cured; health, social and mental health and safety can all be compromised; not only is it important to clear up a physical space, but also it helps the individual; recognize the problem, consult professionals or authorities, and give the individual a say in how to remedy the situation; clutter requires organizing one’s space; the key is to make the solution as stress free as possible.

DC Community Conversations Town Hall - Agenda

September 27, 2017    1:00pm – 3:30pm

1:00pm: Welcome & Introductions

Opening Remarks: GOH and CNCS Staff

Summary of the initiative and introduction of key speakers/presenters

1:15pm: Age Friendly DC

Gail Kohn, Age Friendly DC

Discussion Topics:

  • Introduction to Age Friendly DC and Current Initiatives
  • Brief survey (Pending CNCS OGC approval)

1:45pm: Washington Area Villages Exchange

Miriam Kelty, Washington Area Villages Exchange (WAVE)

Discussion Topics:

  • Introduction to WAVE and Current Initiatives
  • How to Become Involved

2:15pm: Results of Community Conversations Demonstration Project in Washington, DC

Emily Morrison, GWU

Discussion Topics:

  • Methodology
  • Findings
  • Next Steps

2:45pm: Conclusion and Open Networking

Closing Remarks: GOH and CNCS Staff 

DC Community Conversations Town Hall

September 27, 2017    1:00pm - 3:30pm    See Agenda Below


Please join us for a Community Conversation on the Measurement of Civic Engagement at the Local Level 

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is supporting a series of projects across the United States that are exploring ways to improve measurement of volunteering and civic engagement activities at the local or neighborhood level; and how to better capture and describe various facets of civic life which may be linked to other important indicators of individual and community wellbeing.

In support of this initiative, the Washington, DC Community Conversations Team – comprised of Guardians of Honor, the George Washington University, Age Friendly DC, and Washington Area Villages Exchange (WAVE) – has recently completed various interviews, observations, community consultations, and focus groups seeking to better understand what “civic engagement” and “volunteerism” mean to older Americans, how they talk about and think about these activities, the mechanisms by which they engage and volunteer, and why they choose to engage in these activities.

Given your expertise and interest in these issues, we hope you will join us Wednesday, September 27, 2017 from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm at the True Reformer Building located at 1200 U Street, NW Washington, DC 20009 to learn about our partners’ current initiatives and to contribute to a discussion on the team’s findings.

WAVE Meeting

Monday, 19 June 2017


Barbara Sullivan, Executive Director of Mt. Vernon At Home, presided over this meeting. She opened the meeting outlining the Board’s new structure and the introduction of WAVE’s new timetable for three meetings per year. The Board Chair/President will rotate on this trimester basis, with a Board representative from each jurisdiction (DC, MD & VA) chairing WAVE’s activities and meeting every four months. 

Alexandra Johnson from Old Dominion Home Care was then introduced and thanked for providing the meeting’s refreshments. She provided a short description of Old Dominion Home Care’s services and their willingness to work with villages as appropriate.

Board reports were made:

  • Minutes for the past WAVE meeting were accepted, with a request that minutes be posted sooner for review on the website.
  • The Treasurer reported that dues for the July 2017- June 2018 year were due in July, and that each village please send in the registration form with their check to update our official contacts for each village. It was also announced that WAVE would pay for one (1) village in development for the Annual Gathering in Baltimore, 5-8 Nov. 2017.
  • The IT (Internet/Technology) Committee reported that they need help finding a new web master for the WAVE website.  The Committee hopes to contribute to the national village conversation re: the needed IT tools that are more user-friendly and affordable for villages.  Therefore they need assistance in gathering information for newsletters, developing messaging for developing villages and other forms of support. 
  • Peggy Simpson, VTV National Board Member and a founding member of DuPont Circle Village, reminded everyone that the Early Bird registration would end July 31; that the national office was launching a User’s Group for IT with the opening conference session addressing the digital revolution, and there will again be Dine-Arounds at the conference by interest areas.

Guest Speaker: Emily Carton, Owner of Thetfordhouse, “How villages can help with compassionate care and support for our loved ones.”

  • Defined compassion as suffering with others and helping to alleviate their suffering, all with intention.
  • Spoke about “social suffering,” feeling of isolation/not belonging to a social body; not being in relationships; wanting to be seen, loved, to feel at home, feeling valued.
  • Described the importance of showing up and looking beyond one’s own fears and biases; cited an example of a ten year old that overcame her own fears to sing in front of a gathering of SNF residents.
  • Told the story of two residents of the old Roosevelt Hotel on 16th & Florida, NW, DC, who became close friends and mutual supports even though they each suffered from serious disabilities due to their illnesses and older age. “Love is possible regardless of impairments.”
  • Described an individual who had had a lobotomy and dementia, who could not lie and wanted to have a dialogue: “don’t take things personally, their behavior is their means of communication.”
  • “Be directive and use what you know to build bridges with others. Create bridges to people in their own worlds.”
  • Mentioned an article in the New York Times, The Zen of Alzheimer’s, in which the authors state the importance of repeated moments and teaching the importance of living in the moment.
  • Unfortunately, societal norms regarding Alzheimer’s disease creates hostility towards people with dementia. Thus it is also important to support caregivers. 


Carolyn Ward, Georgetown Univ. Medical Center, announced that the Memory Disorders Program would soon start enrolling potential subjects/ cognitively normal patients in clinical trials, for anyone interested in their research.

Staff (Miriam ?) from the Corporation for Community Services stated that they planned on starting their focus groups with village members later that week; please contact her, Anthony Nerino or Emily Morrison.

Various villages mentioned that they would be holding watch parties for national video cast from VTV on Sept. 25th with Dr. Atul Gawande, author of Being Mortal

Waterfront Village in Southwest DC, will host the next WAVE meeting, Tuesday 17 October 2017, in St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, 555 Water Street, SW, Washington DC 20024. Parking is available at The Wharf, 100 4th Street, SW. The Waterfront Metro stop is one block away. Networking at 9:30 am; meeting starts at 10:00 am; optional Networking Lunch at The Wharf at 12:30 pm. 

WAVE Board Meeting

April 6, 2017

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church

555 Water Street, SW

Washington DC

10:30 am



I.   Accept Minutes of last meeting
II.   Introduction new Board members (5 minutes)
III.   Treasurer’s Report
IV.   Election of Officers
V.   Discussion of Mr. Nerino’s community research proposal (15 minutes)
VI.   IT group report/discussion and recommendation (15 minutes) Don Moldover
VII.   By-laws revision/Organizational review (15 Minutes)
VIII.   Membership and dues
IX  . Programs and meeting format for June meeting. Also, description of that meeting to post on web. (10 Minutes) Barbara Sullivan

New Business (10 minutes)

WAVE Quarterly Meeting on Monday, January 23, 2017

Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you plan to attend.

Our next WAVE meeting will be January 23, 2017 at the Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Services Center, 4805 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda, MD 20014. This is our ‘Annual Meeting” at which we will elect new Board Member s. After the feature program, when we join group discussions, one group will meet with Mr. Anthony Nerino of The Corporation for National and Community Service to talk about a research project they are sponsoring, the Community Conversations Project.

The feature program will be a presentation by Dr. Sid Stahl, who will talk about Elder Abuse. What he will cover and his bio are below. It should be an excellent presentation with time for questions and discussion.


 9:30 –  9:45    Coffee and Refreshments 
 9:45 - 10:10   WAVE Business Meeting *
10:10 - 11:00  Program:   ELDER ABUSE: “THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY” (and a little hope).
11:00 - 11:10   Break
11:10 - Noon    Discussion Groups for Executive Directors, Developing Villages and Operating Villages

                       Community Conversations Research Project with Mr. Anthony Nerino

Mr. Nerino of the Research & Evaluation Division of the Corporation for National and Community Service, a federal agency, is asking WAVE villages to participate in a study on civic engagement and volunteering at the community level.  The study aims to identify best practices to strengthen engagement and volunteering, factors that promote these activities and to measure them.  The project is partnering with George Washington University.

WAVE Board Meeting

Tuesday, 22 Nov. 2016

In Attendance:  Miriam Kelty, Virginia Hodgkinson, Eddie Rivas, Pat Clark, Pat Scalero, Barbara Sullivan, L Liddle, Don Moldover and Gail Kutner; convened at 10:10 am.

WAVE Board Nominations discussion

Five board members seats are up for election in Jan. 2017 – Miriam K, Barbara S, L Liddle, Don M and Pat S.  All five are willing to be nominated to serve another two-year term, if confirmed by the membership during the January Annual Meeting.  Board members who have one year left to serve include Virginia H, Eddie R, Pat C, and Gail K. 

Miriam will contact individuals who have expressed interest in WAVE activities in the past to determine if they might be willing to be nominated for WAVE Board membership, in hopes of confirming three candidates for a total of twelve Board members. In order of contact/consideration (please excuse misspellings of names): Barbara Gage/Glover Park, Bob Craycraft/SW Waterfront, Lorna Grenadier/Foggy Bottom West End, Shannon Crockett/East Rock Creek, Rob Fleming/Mt. Pleasant, and Eva Cohen/Bradley Hills. 

The Board will recommend a new slate of officers with the following configuration: Three Presidential CoChairs representing DC, MD & VA (Miriam K, Barbara S & ???); no Vice President; two Secretaries – Eddie R as Corporate and L Liddle as Correspondence Secretaries; and Virginia as Treasurer (not discussed). 

We also agreed to change the WAVE Membership meetings to three per calendar year, “Trimester” meetings, which can be announced during the January Annual Meeting. 

By-Laws Committee and discussion

L Liddle will send suggested by-laws changes to the By-Laws Committee for consideration by 12 Dec. 2016.  Barbara S will research and note on record instructions for filing by-law changes, etc. in Virginia given that WAVE was incorporated in this state.  The By-Laws Committee will make sure that all formal, original paperwork is collected and forwarded to the Corporate Secretary as the custodian of all Corporate records and that electronic copies are made as well.    

Next Quarterly/Annual Meeting discussion

The January Quarterly meeting is scheduled to also serve as the Annual Membership Meeting for official business of WAVE.  [Given that the third Monday in January is the MLKing holiday, perhaps the meeting should be held on the following Monday, 23 January 2017.] Miriam will investigate speakers for a presentation on both Elder Abuse and At Risk Elders, or on Alzheimer’s and Other Related Dementias, to be determined.

Discussion on Communications/Correspondence and Webmaster Work

Discussion centered on the need to differentiate between the responsibilities of posting updates on the WAVE website vs. developing a WAVE newsletter, and the need for individual(s) to take on those responsibilities.  Presently an intern from the MD Volunteer Center updates the calendar on our website.  There was agreement that a WAVE newsletter might be developed, perhaps by the three Presidential Co-Chairs, that would offer resource articles and calendar updates from each of the three geographic jurisdictions that they represent.  This newsletter would serve as a communications vehicle between the three Trimester Membership meetings (every four months) proposed.  Miriam and Don will develop a short job description for this newsletter editing and posting responsibility that will be communicated to all WAVE email recipients and announced during the January meeting. 

Community Conversations and Community Research Project

Anthony Nerino reached out to the WAVE Board with a proposal for research in an email dated 16 Nov. 2016.  [I stand corrected – not everyone on the board received the email.] Both Miriam and Don communicated with Anthony Nerino, and Virginia read over the materials; all three had slightly different understandings of his proposal and WAVE’s potential involvement.  Therefore, Miriam will reach out to set up a one-hour conference call for Mr. Nerino to speak to the Board directly. This call will occur after 07 Dec 2016.    

IT Committee

Don M reported that the IT Committee has met with three developers of village management software, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, but none of which is the ultimate village software with administrative, financial, web and event management capabilities.  Therefore, it is his opinion that although the Committee will continue to search for more appropriate models of village management software packages, they are prepared to serve as consultants offering their ideas for villages who make such requests.

Meeting adjourned at 12:02 pm. 

WAVE Board Meeting

Monday, 20 Jun. 2016

In Attendance:  Miriam Kelty, Virginia Hodgkinson, Bob McDonald, Eddie Rivas, Pat Clark, Pat Scalero, Barbara Sullivan, L Liddle, Don Moldover, George Smith and Gail Kutner; convened at 11:33 am.

VTVN & Rand Survey discussion

Miriam K reported that UC Berkeley’s survey instrument was not relevant to all volunteer village models.  Another survey initiated by the Rand Corp., the CDC and AARP was in discussion; decided to ask local VTVN Board members Peggy Simpson, Barbara Gauge and Carol Paquet to report to WAVE the status of that survey. Miriam and Gail K are on the VTVN Research Committee scheduled to meet on the 23rd June; will report back to the WAVE BoD.  Barbara S will contact VTVN for more information on any/all ongoing surveys of villages.

VA Neighborhood Coalition

Had short discussion regarding other local/regional gatherings of villages in the area, and what their relationships to WAVE should be.  Gail K will reach out to Patricia Rohr from Fairfax County for more information on her gathering of Fairfax County’s villages.  We know that there is also a “Senior Agenda” in development in Maryland, with participation of some WAVE members.  Don M reported that there was a link on the WAVE website to a short, cartoon video on the Potomac Community Village that might be adapted or serve as a model for a future WAVE video presentation. 

Next Quarterly Meeting discussion

The next WAVE Quarterly meeting is due to occur in DC in September; we settled on  Monday the 26th Sept. Miriam reported that John Bradshaw of Georgetown Home Care may be interested in sponsoring the meeting.  We decided to have an open discussion for the meeting agenda such we gather information and/or questions from the membership to guide future WAVE activity. 

Membership Status Report

Discussion centered around the need to have an updated Membership report for the September Quarterly meeting. It would also be helpful to have an updated Treasurer’s report that shows bother revenues vs. income for WAVE.  Barbara S and Pat S will work to produce such updates. 

Ongoing Projects

L Liddle reported that he would shortly be in touch with the WAVE Census Committee members for updated WAVE member information.  Committee members include: Gail K, Virginia H, Pat S, Don M, Bob McD and Barbara Gage who will be approached by Pat Clark to determine willingness to serve. 

Don M reported that the IT Committee met with a potential developer of village management software, but has been waiting to hear back from him. He need to send out an RFP to get additional ideas/interest. The committee hopes to have a completed product in approximately three years, and is also looking for financial support.  They hope software can address both scheduling needs and communication needs for villages.

Miriam reported that the initial chapters of the revised Village guide are being reviewed and out for comment. The hope is that the guide will be available during the September Montgomery County Village Gathering. 

Other Business

We held a short discussion about what role WAVE might hold during the fall meeting of the national VTV Network in Columbus OH.  Both Miriam and Barbara reported plans on attending and possibly participating in workshop presentations.  They will report back afterwards.    

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm. 

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