WAVE Board Meeting

Monday, September 13, 2021

Virtual - via Zoom


Present: Mary Jo Deering, Dave Prescott, Cele Garrett, Kathy Pointer, Eriko Kennedy, Laurie Pross, Carolyn Rourke, Nadia Taran and Wendy Zenker.

President Mary Jo Deering called the meeting to order at 3:03 pm.   


Recording Secretary’s Report       Cele asked if there were changes to the minutes from the last board meeting, which were distributed prior to the meeting. The minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report        The beginning balance as of August 1 was $9,967.59. With deposits of $2,309.22, the ending balance on September 10 was $12,276.81. The deposits include the $2,000 contribution from WAVE co-founder and board member emeritus Virginia Hodgkinson, additional board contributions that total $300, and a $10 “test” donation from Dave Prescott to check the PayPal fee. (The combined fees from VISA and from PayPay were .88 for that transaction.)


Correspondence Secretary’s Report       Dave reported that 42 villages now have paid dues for 2021 (compared with 45 from last year). The latest village to pay is Bradley Hills Village.


General information item           Mary Jo noted that Pazit Aviv has reached out to Season Zellman (Fairfax Co Long Term Care Development dept), the village coordinator for northern VA villages. As WAVE looks at its future programming, it may be helpful for the three (Mary Jo, Pazit and Season) to meeting informally on a regular basis.



Mentorship Initiative

Individual mentoring:    Carolyn reported that, so far, we have six village leaders who have completed the application to become a mentor. Mary Jo suggested that, in an upcoming communication to members, we might want to “tease” some specific topics to generate village interest in seeking out a mentor. At this time, no villages have applied to be mentored. Carolyn plans to speak again about mentoring opportunities at the October quarterly meeting.

Group sessions:    Hilary Simmons led the talk on Strategic Partnerships on August 23, with 21 people participating. The most recent session on Financial Sustainability for Small/all-volunteer Villages seemed to be well received and had 24 participants.

Next up:    Data for Operations and Advocacy, led by Carol Paquette and Judy Berman (Capitol Hill Village) on September 27 at 1pm. Then: Bill Emmett (Mt. Pleasant Village) and Noel Durman (Arlington Neighborhood Village) will lead Recruiting and Training Volunteers on November 22 at 1pm. Soon we will need to get feedback from WAVE members about future topics. Mary Jo reminded us that “board leadership” was a topic identified among village leaders in an earlier survey. We may use the polling function during the next Zoom meeting. Wendy pointed out that anonymous surveys will encourage honest feedback.

Addington Survey Proposal:    Eriko reported that Lynn Addington has completed the first survey. She recommended that the WAVE email address be the one from which the survey is sent. We need to clean up our email list beforehand, however. Board members were asked to review our current email directory within the coming week and submit any and all updates by COB Monday, Sept 20.


Miriam Kelty Award for Excellence in Programs or Services:    There was discussion about naming the award in honor of all three of the WAVE founding members: Miriam Kelty, Virginia Hodgkinson and Andy Mollison. It was agreed that Mary Jo discuss this idea with Virginia Hodgkinson first.

There will be a committee to determine the nomination process, parameters, monetary value for the award, timeline and other important factors. Re the application itself: We are aiming for an application that is brief and straightforward—and we have sample volunteer applications to view.

Once these decisions are made, there will be a committee to judge the nominations. That committee will change each year, though some committee members may be asked to serve again. It was agreed that we should reach out to leaders in the broader aging community to serve on the awards committee. Wendy cautioned that the emphasis on data needs to be balance with other attributes when judging the applications.

Our hopeful timetable is as follows: A preliminary announcement will be distributed by email in October. The application will be finalized on November 1. The application process will open on November and close on January 31. The awardees will be announced at the April quarterly meeting.

We want to carefully consider the best way to maximize the use of Virginia Hodgkinson’s $2,000 contribution toward this effort. Virginia said she hoped to contribute for two years. It is intended that this will be an annual award.


October 18 Quarterly Meeting:    The plenary speaker on End-of-life is confirmed: Kim Callinan, President and CEO of Compassion and Choices. Mary Jo noted that the speaker will not only talk about medical aid in dying, but about other options and issues. The board agreed that the breakout rooms will be divided up jurisdictionally (MD/DC/VA); Mary Jo will seek Kim Callinan’s input on recommended facilitators for each. We will have no other breakout rooms for this meeting.

Quarterly meeting topics:    We discussed the best way to glean topic ideas for quarterly meetings in 2022. One idea is a survey. Wendy pointed out that we also want to recognize the need for “nuts and bolts” topics and consider less emphasis on big-picture speakers. Cele and Nadia posited the idea of an additional formalized learning opportunity for new village leaders—perhaps something akin to an “academy” with “master teachers.” Mary Jo suggested that we discuss this idea with VtVN.

WAVE board meeting times:    It was agreed that we will hold our monthly board meetings on the first Monday of each month, except when the first Monday was a federal holiday. In those cases, we would move the meeting to the second Monday.

Upgrading WAVE website:    This discussion began with Mary Jo thanking Dave Prescott for keeping the aging WAVE web site active and functional. We agreed that identifying the various audiences and firming up our vision are important first steps. So far, we know that WAVE member villages may wish to have a “members only” password-protected area. Laurie pointed out that the largest jurisdictions within WAVE (including DC, Montgomery Co, Arlington Co, City of Alexandria and Fairfax Co) have the Age-Friendly designation (or are working through that designation process) and that we should point this out on the site. Mary Jo mentioned that Pazit Aviv is interested in being part of the group working on the web site since conveying village information to our wider audiences certainly could be a helpful resource for her daily work.

Developing promotional materials:    It was agreed that the new WAVE web site will accomplish most of the content development work. We will wait to see what else might be needed.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:03pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Cele Garrett

Recording Secretary


Future meetings:

Board:    October 4, November 1, December 6

Quarterly:  October 18, 9:30-12noon

Zoom Mutual Support Programs:  September 27, November 22. All take place from 1-2pm.