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WAVE Board Meeting - Wednesday, April 7, 2021 - Minutes

WAVE Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Virtual - via Zoom



Present: Mary Jo Deering, Dave Prescott, Cele Garrett, Kathy Pointer, Miriam Kelty, Eriko Kennedy, Laurie Pross, Carolyn Rourke, Loretta Vitale Saks, Peg Simpson, Denise Snyder, Nadia Taran, and Wendy Zenker.


President Mary Jo Deering called the meeting to order at 1:07pm.   


The minutes from the February board meeting were approved.


Treasurer’s Report      Laurie listed current assets at $9,185.01, which includes deposits that total $329 this past month.         


Correspondence Secretary’s Report       Dave reported that, so far, sixteen villages have paid dues for 2021. This is behind where we stood at this point last year. Dave will once again include a call to action for dues payment when he emails conference information to the WAVE distribution.



Discussion of April 19 Conference with Montgomery County Villages          The program will begin with a welcome and brief reports from Mary Jo, Pazit Aviv (Montgomery Co) and Carol Paquette (VtVN president). The plenary session speaker will be Hilary Lenz (A Little Help in CO and VP of the VtVN board). The panel that follows will include Dick Elkins (Nauset Neighbors), Judy Berman (Capitol Hill Village), and Hillary Lenz. We will invite a representative from Takoma Park Village (an all-volunteer, smaller village) to join the panel as well. The panel will not just react to Hilary’s talk but will tell their own village stories of how they’ve achieved a measure of success to move their own village to the next level. Each panelist will speak for 15 minutes, leaving time for Q&A.

Though initially there were two sets of breakout sessions planned, the conference has been condensed somewhat and we now will offer one set of three breakout sessions: Financial Sustainability: New Ideas and Models (facilitator: Wendy, notetaker: Laurie), Strategic Partnerships: How to Find Partners and Build Strong Relationships (facilitator: Hilary Lenz, notetaker: Carolyn), and Data: What Needs to be Tracked (facilitators: Carol Paquette and Gail Kutner, notetaker: Mary Jo).

We will have attendees register in advance, though not require that they choose their breakout session in advance. We will, however, ask them their preference so breakout facilitators know what size crowd to expect. Loretta will build out a Google registration form. We will provide instructions for getting in to the breakouts. Denise offered FBWE’s help with setting up the breakout rooms and will explore recording the breakouts.


American University village survey       Eriko has provided a proposal from Lynn Addington, a professor at AU, who is interested in conducting a survey about the effects of COVID restrictions on DC-area villages. We reviewed the information provided in advance of the meeting. We agreed we needed to know more information about existing survey plans that a group of DC villages is undertaking together. VtVN also is planning to reach out to villages with some type of survey. We agreed there could be value in integrating Addington’s ideas with the other surveys being planned. Mary Jo will contact Judy Berman to get more information about the DC villages survey plans.



Mentoring and Mutual Support Initiatives       Mary Jo highlighted the proposal shared before the meeting. She described the proposed collaboration with VtVN, which arose from her conversation with Carol Paquette. It could be a “win win” in that VtVN would send any requests it receives from villages in the WAVE area back to WAVE; WAVE could send any requests for mentoring on topics for which it lacks expertise back to VtVN. Miriam noted that mentoring opportunities was part of the rationale for forming WAVE initially. Peg reminded us that Carol Paquette has been overseeing VtVN’s own mentoring efforts though, to date, they have not received many requests. We discussed limiting this one-on-one mentoring opportunity to WAVE members, although we may need to call on villages outside of WAVE to serve as mentor if we do not have expertise on a particular topic a mentee needs. Carolyn pointed out the importance of knowing about any informal mentoring currently taking place. For one-on-one mentoring, careful choosing the pairs of two villages is critically important. The board voted to pursue a mentoring program. A small group comprising Carolyn, Cele and Laurie was formed to meet and talk through next steps. In particular, Mary Jo asked us to think through an important aspect of this program: software to capture data on mentoring (mentors, requests, topics, etc.). We can continue discussing this at the next board meeting.

In addition to the one-on-one mentoring, we agreed that WAVE will host some group “mentoring” sessions in the coming months. We committed to continuing the discussion of five “priority” topics: the three identified for the April 19 meeting plus the topics board leadership and recruiting/sustaining multigenerational volunteers. Additionally, Wendy, Eriko, Laurie and Cele will put together in May a session about when and how to open up our villages to in-person events again. 


WAVE Zoom account         Because our meeting activity continues to expand, we agreed that WAVE needs to purchase its own Zoom subscription.  


Connecting with Steve Gurney, ProAging                      Many of us have taken part in the virtual presentations that Steve Gurney has been offering each week and we all agreed that we would benefit from staying in direct contact with him regularly for opportunities that WAVE can collaborate with him. Laurie is working with Steve regularly for her village’s programming.


2021 board meeting dates                        We agreed that WAVE board meetings will take place the first Monday of each month. In cases where the first Monday is a holiday, we will move to the second Monday. Thus, the following dates are confirmed: May 3, June 7, July 12, August 2, September 13, October 4, November 1 and December 6. We will be meeting from 3-5pm.


WAVE Quarterly meeting dates               We identified the two remaining WAVE quarterly meeting dates: July 19 and October 18.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cele Garrett

Recording Secretary

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