WAVE Board Meeting

Monday, May 3, 2021

Virtual - via Zoom



Present: Mary Jo Deering, Dave Prescott, Cele Garrett, Kathy Pointer, Miriam Kelty, Eriko Kennedy, Carolyn Rourke, Loretta Vitale Saks, Nadia Taran, and Wendy Zenker.


President Mary Jo Deering called the meeting to order at 3:04pm.   


Recording Secretary’s Report       Cele asked if there were changes to the minutes from the last board meeting. The minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report      Laurie was not able to attend but sent her report in advance: The balance as of March 31 was $9,185.01. Deposits were $350 and expenses were $112.42 (for the new Zoom account). This leaves an ending balance of $9,422.59 for April 30.    


Correspondence Secretary’s Report       Dave reported that, so far, 25 villages have paid dues for 2021. This is behind where we stood at this point last year with 44 villages paid. Dave will once again include a call to action for dues payment when he emails conference information to the WAVE distribution. Cele offered, along with Laurie’s help, to send emails or to call the 19 villages that are late paying their dues.



Discussion of April 19 Conference with Montgomery County Villages      Carolyn pointed out—and the board agreed—that the plenary speaker and panel format worked well and that we should continue to utilize this format in future meetings. Wendy, in her role as facilitator for one of the breakouts, noted that the breakout rooms worked smoothly. In all of the breakout rooms, there seemed to be some interest in coming back to the main room to end the meeting. (This is different from the dynamics of the typical in-person WAVE meetings, where the meeting adjourns following the breakouts.) Carolyn felt that the 40 attendees in her breakout room made for too large of a meeting.

Kathy observed that we held our attendee numbers up til the end of the conference—a positive indicator. The board agreed that we need to be thoughtful about the placement of guest speakers who ask to have a short time at the opening of the meeting when we have a group this size to ensure that the speaker stays on topic and to the integrity of not “selling” their services.


Mentorship Initiative         The mentor working group, composed of Carolyn, Laurie and Cele, met on April 21 with Mary Jo and with Carol Paquette (VtVN board chair). The focus was on understanding where VtVN and regional village groups are in their mentoring efforts. Carol shared VtVN’s forms, which the group will examine in detail at its next meeting on May 6. At that time, the group also will examine a draft MOU that Mary Jo has written to outline WAVE’s relationship with VtVN on this effort. Miriam suggested that, in addition to one-on-one mentoring, WAVE villages be willing to share their own legal and procedural documents that other villages can utilize. Carolyn noted that the working group wished to clarify that its focus is on the one-on-one mentorship program—separate and apart from WAVE’s “mentoring” sessions planned throughout the year.


Addington Survey Proposal          Eriko Kennedy reported that Lynn Addington attended in the Data breakout session at our May meeting. She would like to have the chance to speak with individual village leaders in order to come up with a survey instrument that could be sent to local villages. She’d then like to follow up with identified village members who are willing to in a survey. She would have a grad student help to administer the survey in the fall. In general, Lynn is interested in having a long-term relationship with villages. She’s like an answer soon about WAVE’s interest in promoting this survey initiative.



Upgrading WAVE website             There was a general discussion about our current web site, which was created several years ago and has not been upgraded since. Joomla current is the free host for the site. Our biggest concern is the web site’s ability to handle WAVE’s needs as we move forward. We agreed it is time to develop a requirements document that outlines the functionality we would need from our web site. Questions to consider: Who are our audiences (beyond village leaders)? What subscription fee could we reasonably afford?


July 19 Quarterly Meeting            There were plenary speaker ideas discussed, including Joe Lugo from the Biden Administration to discuss policy priorities for older adults. Several board members are interested in Doug Gaddis’ success to date with his hybrid in-person/virtual event technology. We will have three “birds of a feature” breakout groups with a facilitator in each group and allow 60 minutes for the breakouts.


2021 Board meeting dates                        We agreed that WAVE board meetings will take place the first Monday of each month. In cases where the first Monday is a holiday, we will move to the second Monday. Thus, the following dates are confirmed: May 3, June 7, July 12, August 2, September 13, October 4, November 1 and December 6. We will be meeting from 3-5pm.


WAVE Quarterly meeting dates               We identified the two remaining WAVE quarterly meeting dates: July 19 and October 18.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cele Garrett

Recording Secretary