WAVE Board Meeting

Monday, August 2, 2021

Virtual - via Zoom



Present: Mary Jo Deering, Dave Prescott, Cele Garrett, Kathy Pointer, Eriko Kennedy, Carolyn Rourke, Denise Snyder and Wendy Zenker.


President Mary Jo Deering called the meeting to order at 3:02 pm.   


Recording Secretary’s Report       Cele asked if there were changes to the minutes from the last board meeting, which were distributed prior to the meeting. The minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report        The beginning balance on July 19 was 9,897.59. With deposits of $70.00, the ending balance on July 31 was $9,967.59. Denise pointed out that, as board members, we each have a fiduciary responsibility to contribute financially to the organization. (The amount of contribution is less important than the fact that we each participate.) There was strong agreement.


Correspondence Secretary’s Report       Dave reported that 41 villages now have paid dues for 2021 (compared with 45 from last year). The two newest villages who’ve paid their dues are Burning Tree Village and Rapp At Home. He has added upcoming meetings to the WAVE website.



Follow-up from July quarterly meeting     Mary Jo had a follow-up conversation with Vicki Gottlich and Susan Jenkins to learn about data collection activities of the Administration for Community Living (ACL) and how villages could learn from and use ACL methods. Vicki welcomed WAVE to stay in touch on behalf of villages. Wendy pointed out that the Community Care Corps research is collecting data, elements of which could be helpful for villages. She offered to reach out to Susan Jenkins to see what could be made available to us—and she will talk with Carolyn Rourke to ensure that we are coordinating our efforts.

This led to a conversation about area village data collection. Mary Jo noted that since several DC villages are (or soon will be) using Helpful Village, perhaps their research and data-building capacity will be consistent. Denise reported that, by September, 11 of the DC villages will be using Helpful Village. Denise added that, through a grant, DC villages have hired a research assistant to determine criteria that could serve as indicators for “what makes successful aging at home.” This is an effort to take their collective outputs and translate that to outcomes.


Mentorship Initiative         General: There was a suggestion to name the mentoring program for Miriam Kelty but, ultimately, it was agreed that the award would be the best place to honor Miriam.

Individual mentoring:         Carolyn reported that, so far, we have five village leaders who have completed the application to become a mentor. No villages have applied to be mentored as of yet.

Group sessions:      Mary Jo reminded us of the upcoming sessions: Hilary Simmons will lead the talk on Strategic Partnerships on August 23 at 1pm. Financial Sustainability for Small/all-volunteer Villages, both Bill Emmet (Mt. Pleasant Village) and Andy Penn (Village of Takoma Park) have been confirmed for Sept. 13 at 1pm.  Data for Operations and Advocacy, led by Carol Paquette and Judy Berman (Capitol Hill Village), will take place September 27 at 1pm. Bill Emmett (Mt. Pleasant Village) and Noel Durman (Arlington Neighborhood Village) will lead Recruiting and Training Volunteers on November 22 at 1pm.


Miriam Kelty Award for Excellence in Programs or Services              Eddie Rivas has agreed to serve on the committee. Pazit Aviv gave some input.  Wendy offered to serve on the committee if Eddie would lead it. Other potential committee members were discussed and we would like for someone from Miriam’s own village to be included.


October 18 Quarterly Meeting     The plenary speaker on End-of-life is confirmed: Kim Callinan, President and CEO of Compassion and Choices. Mary Jo noted that the speaker will not only talk about assisted death, but about other options and issues. Regarding breakout facilitators: Mary Jo will get input from the speaker. Right now, we are considering two breakout rooms to continue the discussion about the plenary topic—more specifically, what role a village could play.  It was agreed that we would have at least one “problem of the day” breakout.


Upgrading WAVE website             Mary Jo reported that she had an informal conversation with Steve Gurney (Pro-Aging Network) about our web site needs and that he was willing to help us on some level. The board discussion soon veered into the area of sharing deliverables among villages in an effort to alleviate the creative expense and energy needed in producing such collaterals as videos and print materials. Denise mentioned that FBWE Village has two videos—one being of a more generic nature—that potential could be used for other villages. Eriko expressed her vision of WAVE creating support materials that multiple villages could utilize in an effort to reduce the burden on each village in fully creating their materials from scratch. If so, there would need to be some sort of staffing or internship help. There are a few obstacles when having a social work intern if there is no licensed social worker to supervise. Eriko surmised that a year-long internship with a grad student would yield the best results. Wendy suggested that, as a starting point, we keep a running list of things of functions or items that we think would be of interest to area villages and later we can assess what is workable.



Eriko announced she will be leaving her post as executive director of Chevy Chase at Home though she plans to remain on the WAVE board. The board agreed that posting job listings such as this would be an appropriate use of our web site.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:51 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cele Garrett

Recording Secretary


Future meetings:

Board:    September 13, October 4, November 1, December 6

Quarterly:  October 18, 9:30-12noon

Zoom Mutual Support Programs: August 23, September 13, September 27, November 22. All take place from 1-2pm.