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WAVE Members Meeting - Monday, February 10, 2020

WAVE Annual Meeting

Monday, February 10, 2020, 9:30 am - 12:00 Noon


9:00 – 9:30am   Mix and Mingle continental breakfast

President Patricia Clark opened the meeting at 9:30. She first asked for attendee introductions. There were 70+ attendees.

Recording Secretary Report        Cele Garrett noted that minutes of previous WAVE meetings are listed on the WAVE web site.

Treasurer’s Report 

Leigh Sempeles reported the budget figures: Current assets are $8,483.73. FY19 income from village membership/partners and donors is $1,615.00 and income from the conference is $3,451.80. Our total FY19 expenses are $3,017.74, which yields a net of $2,049.06. The FY19 budget is based on 50 paying villages. Our actuals represent 44 villages for a total of $1,615 and a payment of $1,400 from the City of Rockville villages. Additional donations from WAVE board members plus partner support income adds an additional $115 and $100, respectively.

By-laws Changes

Leigh then presented some changes to the bylaws that have been discussed by the board through this past year. There was a motion made, which was seconded, in support of the changes. The vote was unanimous to approve the following changes: Official name change--The official name of WAVE is Washington Area Villages Exchange. Board Officer elections--Class 1 members elect the president of the board; all other officers will be elected by the board and serve for the two-year period or to fill out a vacant term. Vacancies—If a director is elected to fill a vacancy term, their term expires at the end of the term of that position (versus at the annual meeting). Notice of Board meetings—Notice may be given five days in advance. There were also minor editing changes to the bylaws. Additionally, there was a legal review of the Indemnification section of the bylaws, with appropriate changes being made. Currently, there is a policy/procedures review underway. Attached is a copy of the changes to the by-laws.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report

Corresponding secretary Dave Prescott noted that he maintains the WAVE emails and that MailChimp is the marketing tool he uses for that. Currently, the WAVE web site is up-to-date: On the home page, there is a list of villages that have paid 2020 dues. (If attendees do not see their village’s name included, their village still owes dues for 2020.) He invited those who came with payment to see Leigh or him. On the “Our Villages” page of the site, all known DC/MD/VA villages are listed, along with a designation for those villages that are VTVN members. The WAVE Village directory contains all village information known to Dave. He invited anyone to send him any village updates.

Vice President's Report        

Mary Jo Deering gave a detailed report on the WAVE conference, citing highlights from the evaluations. The evaluations confirmed that our chosen format was very popular and much appreciated: This conference was about having open dialogue so peers could learn from one another (rather than the traditional plenary and breakout sessions presentation format). The most negative comments were about the space problems. Mary Jo then explained our last-minute “surprise” with the venue’s double-booking, which impacted our quiet meeting space and led to some logistical problems. Most agreed that our planning team made the best out of the situation and that the venue worked hard to accommodate our needs.

Mary Jo noted that there has been discussion about when to hold another conference. In particular, there is great interest in having a shared WAVE/Montgomery Co conference, as Pazit Aziz has already begun the preliminary planning for a conference to take place in 2021.

Everyone recognized and applauded Mary Jo for her leadership with this conference. She, in turn, recognized Arlington Neighborhood Village’s Wendy Zenker’s contributions to the conference.


At this time, villages took turns to give announcements about their village’s activities and opportunities.

New Business

Patricia Clark was recognized and thanked for her service as WAVE board president and six years on the Board. Miriam Kelty of the nominating committee, read the slate of proposed board members and nominated Leigh Sempeles president. There were no nominations from the floor. The slate was elected unanimously. The following new WAVE board members were elected:

President: Leigh Sempeles

DC: Kathy Pointer, Kingdom Care Village

MD: Loretta Vitale Saks, Helping Hands University Park Village

MD: Laurie Pross, Villages of Kensington

VA: Gail Kutner, Arlington Neighborhood Village elected for another term. This will be for a two-year term or until Gail reaches six years. 


Wendy Zenker (Arlington Neighborhood Village) and Cele Garrett (At Home in Alexandria) facilitated a discussion on communications and marketing.


After a networking break, the group broke into three groups: Exec directors/Managers, Volunteer-managed Villages, and Start-up and New Villages.

The meeting adjourned at 12 Noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Cele Garrett,

Recording Secretary

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