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WAVE BOD Meeting - Monday, May 18, 2020 - Minutes

Washington Area Villages Exchange

WAVE Board Meeting

Monday, May 18, 2020, 12:00 Noon - 2:00 pm

Location: Zoom

Present: Leigh Sempeles, Mary Jo Deering, Dave Prescott, Cele Garrett, Loretta Vitale Saks, Gail Kutner, Peg Simpson, Kathy Pointer, Laurie Pross, Miriam Kelty, Sharon Canner, Pat Scolero, and Denise Snyder.

President Leigh Sempeles called the meeting to order at 12:07pm.

Recording Secretary Report              Cele Garrett read the minutes of the April WAVE board meeting. The minutes were approved.

Corresponding Secretary Report      Dave Prescott reported that the list of all paid villages are up-to-date on the WAVE web site; there have been no additional dues payments since the last board meeting. Currently, 39 out of 75 villages have paid. This prompted a discussion about how we could incentivize villages to become members if they are letting their dues lapse—or if they’ve never joined to begin with. Traditionally, those village “in development” are not required to pay dues (though Dave noted that some have done so voluntarily). Dave estimated that currently thirteen of our area villages are in development. The most obvious different for a paying vs. nonpaying village is the ability to vote at the annual meeting. At the very least, we all agreed that our web site should list the benefits of being a WAVE member. Mary Jo reminded us that we should continually position WAVE as a “broadcaster of services.”

We agreed to revisit the idea of dividing among board members the list of nonpaying villages so we can each make calls. Action: Cele will author a phone script and send the draft to everyone. Loretta suggested creating a benefit for members only. One thought was to “formalize” a matching mentor program.

Also, Dave sent out the “save the date” email re the June general meeting.

Treasurer Report        Laurie Pross reported that the current balance stands at $9,235.12.


Joint conference with Montgomery Co villages      Mary Jo reported that plans are on hold at this time, due to the pandemic. Pazit Aziz has been otherwise engaged and there are too many unknowns about safely holding a conference at this point.           

Scheduling quarterly meeting using Zoom              The board chose the date of             Monday, June 22 for the next quarterly meeting. The Zoom meeting will begin at 9:30am and allow for time for socializing and logging on, with the business meeting beginning at 10am. The goal of this meeting is to facilitate a comprehensive discussion about how our villages are navigating and responding to the COVID crisis.


Georgetown Village fundraising opportunity                     Leigh touched on the recent offer presented by Georgetown Village, who will feature former Sec. of State Madeline Albright as a special guest for their May 28 online fundraiser. Ticket prices are $100 each. Georgetown Village is opening this event to all area villages who wish to participate. When a village member registers and indicates the name of their village, Georgetown Village will give $25 from their ticket prices back to their own village. WAVE sent an eBlast to area villages notifying them of the details.

Vitality Society           Leigh mentioned an opportunity that came to her attention from Barbara Sullivan at VTVN. Vitality Society, a provider of numerous online wellness classes, is interested in offering a pilot program to some villages. The typical membership for VS is nearly $30 per month per person. For the three-month pilot, villages would receive the online content at no charge, provided we can give them valuable feedback about the program. VTVN is offering an informational webinar on Tuesday, May 19 at 2pm.

June 22 quarterly meeting    With the date now secured, discussion turned to issues to be the focus of the meeting. We discussed how well a “networking” segment would work via Zoom.  We agreed to have each person introduce themselves, just as we do at the in-person meetings.> Should we try a “warm up” exercise prior to the start of the Business meeting portion? We agreed that the formal Business portion would include an introduction of board members and an explanation of board member roles. We’d then move to officer reports as well as a pitch for WAVE membership. We also agreed to limit the business portion to 15 minutes. Next on that agenda: Gail will report on highlights of the member survey.

At this point in the board meeting, we began to discuss potential topics that could emerge as having the highest level of interest: Services that village members need now, anticipating future needs and agreeing to best practices for those services, ways to decrease social isolation, technology tips for connecting with members, and village sustainability during and after the pandemic. Again, the surveys will reveal what is top of mind for villages.

With regard to structuring the remained of the business meeting: We discussed at length whether or not to have a featured guest speaker or a strong internal speaker. Laurie suggested asking Gail Kohn if she is available to be a featured speaker. Others agreed that it could be a valuable prospective and one topic identified was “What emerging trends/shifts could bode well (or not) for the village movement?”  Action: Laurie will ask Gail if she is available that day.

After the business portion of the meeting, the survey discussion and the featured speaker, we plan to break out into three Zoom groups. WAVE Board members can serve as facilitators. The topics will be identified in advance of the meeting and attendees will choose in advance which session to attend. These logistics and other decisions will be better laid out in our next Zoom planning session, scheduled for 9:30am on Thursday, May 28.

Village survey            Gail Kuhn reminded us to complete our village survey.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cele Garrett

Recording Secretary

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