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WAVE BOD Meeting - Monday, April 27, 2020 - Minutes

Washington Area Villages Exchange

WAVE Board Meeting

Monday, April 27, 2020, 12:00 Noon - 2:00 pm

Location: Zoom

Present: Leigh Sempeles, Mary Jo Dering, Dave Prescott, Cele Garrett, Loretta Vitale Saks, Gail Kutner, Peg Simpson, Kathy Pointer, Laurie Pross, Miriam Kelty, Sharon Canner, Pat Scolero, and Denise Snyder.

President Leigh Sempeles called the meeting to order at 12:05pm.

Recording Secretary Report              Cele Garrett read the minutes of the February WAVE board meeting. The minutes were approved with the following edits: Two action items were identified in planning for the proposed conference: Mary Jo would contact Pazit to discuss whether or not Pazit was comfortable with charging non-village vendors. And, the WAVE board will put together a planning team.

Corresponding Secretary Report      Dave Prescott reported that the list of all paid villages are up-to-date on the WAVE web site. Currently, 39 out of 75 villages have paid.

Treasurers Report      Laurie Pross reported that there had been a double-entry that has now been corrected and the current balance stands at $9,235.12.


“See Me at the Smithsonian” program        Miriam has followed up with Robin Marquis but has not heard back. Until the museum is able to open again, nothing further can develop at this time.     

Scheduling quarterly meeting using Zoom              The board chose the date of             Monday, June 22 for the next quarterly meeting. The Zoom meeting will begin at 9:30am and allow for time for socializing and logging on, with the business meeting beginning at 10am. The goal of this meeting is to facilitate a comprehensive discussion about how our villages are navigating and responding to the COVID crisis.


Village collaboration             Miriam noted that Montgomery County villages are having weekly discussions about ways to offer robust virtual programming. Peg noted that the DC villages are collaborating as well. Denise noted that the DC village EDs continue to meet on a monthly basis. Since the crisis hit, many villages have shared their programs with one another. Peg shared some examples of programs Dupont Circle Village has taken online: the monthly movie group, celebrity salons, and exercise programs. The village hosted a trio of family musicians who performed in their home, shared virtually.

Targeted communication to public              Leigh posed the question of how we can let the public know that villages are here to help seniors in these difficult times. Cele noted that the current environment finds local news outlets eager to share good news on people and organizations that are helping during this stressful time.

Posting additional information on WAVE web site    To the aforementioned point, Leigh suggested that the WAVE web site be a resource for sharing the value of village services in our region.

Content for June quarterly meeting            With the date now secured, discussion turned to issues to be the focus of the meeting. Mary Jo posed the idea of bringing in a health expert. Denise suggested we think about the longer-term implications of this pandemic. What issues will be coming up that we aren’t yet dealing with? This discussion could include how the pandemic is impacting villages financially, given that it could impact our ability to increase our village membership. What are the most valuable services villages are offering their members? Sharon noted the emphasis of her own organization as an “information village.” Does the current village structure serve us?

As to logistics, we discussed the best way to manage the meeting, given the potential number of participants. Loretta will host the meeting and Cele will ask her colleague Jen Heinz to help as admin “hall monitor” to assist Loretta. For smaller discussions, using Zoom’s breakout room functionality is a possibility.

Village survey            The discussion about issues led the board to decide on a village survey. The survey would be to determine how villages are managing during the COVID pandemic. Gail volunteered to take on the development and execution of this survey. She asked for board members to email potential questions and she will pull together a draft by the end of the week. This will be posted in a Google doc to board members so they will have a chance to weigh in before it goes out. This village feedback will provide the basis for our June 22 meeting, as the final question asks villages to list their top 3 topics for discussion.

It was decided that the next WAVE board meeting would take place via Zoom on Monday, May 18 from 12noon-2pm.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cele Garrett

Recording Secretary

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