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WAVE BOD Meeting - Monday, February 24, 2020 - Minutes


Washington Area Villages Exchange

WAVE Board meeting

Monday, February 24, 2020, 12:00 Noon - 2:00 pm


Location: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Washington DC

Present: Leigh Sempeles, Mary Jo Deering, Dave Prescott, Cele Garrett, Pat Scolero, Denise Snyder, Loretta Vitale Saks, Kathy Pointer, and Laurie Pross. Gail Kutner, Miram Kelty and Sharon Canner joined by phone.

President Leigh Sempeles called the meeting to order at 12:05pm.

Recording Secretary Report        Cele Garrett read the minutes of our last WAVE board meeting in the summer of 2019. The minutes were approved as read.

Corresponding Secretary Report           There was no formal report.

Treasurer’s Report 

Leigh Sempeles reported that 37 villages + two partners have paid their membership dues for a total of $1,395. Our current assets are $9,515.34 and total expenses so far this calendar year are $363.39.


Introduction and Welcome to new board members            Leigh gave a hearty welcome to our three new WAVE board members: Loretta Vitale Saks (Helping Hands University Park Village), Kathy Pointer (Kingdom Care Village), and Laurie Pross (Villages of Kensington).  

Election of Officers                        Leigh notes that, traditionally, the WAVE board has a VP from each jurisdiction not represented by the current WAVE President’s own jurisdiction. As Leigh no longer is with a DC village but currently resides in VA, she has some flexibility in determining which village to align with to balance this need. She is determining this at present. Laurie volunteered to serve as Treasurer.

Mary Jo Deering will continue to serve as a VP. Gail Kutner will continue to serve as a VP as well.

WAVE Conference Discussion—Recap and future planning          Mary Jo has had preliminary discussions with Pazit Aviv about combining her Montgomery Co conference with a WAVE conference. Pazit joined the board meeting by phone to provide background on previous Montgomery Co conferences: The first one was held in 2015 and she has put together a conference approximately every 18 months-2 years since. There were 190 attendees at their most recent conference.

A planning group was formed to identify topics of interest, such as succession-planning and fundraising. There was no registration fee. There was a “by invitation only” vendor fair and a sponsor for the networking lunch. There were 4-5 concurrent breakout meetings of 70-90 each in the morning and afternoon. Panelists were chosen to get the conversation going but there were no formal presentations. There was an unidentified scribe for each session and notes were posted afterwards.

We all agree that there is overlap in what we wish to accomplish with a joint conference and we should combine our talents and experiences fully. Pazit does not envision hosting another conference until the first quarter of 2021, a timeline that we seemed to feel was agreeable. We all recognize that some topics lend themselves to a true presentation (versus open dialogue).

We continued to discuss this topic (whether or not to charge a registration fee, whether or not to have paid vendors) though didn’t make any definitive decisions.  Everyone agreed that a one-day conference that ended at mid-afternoon seemed to be the right length. Mary Jo will contact Pazit regarding whether or not she agrees to charging non-village vendors. A WAVE planning team will be put together for the purpose of working with Pazit’s team to identify session content and other important decisions.

“See Me at the Smithsonian program              Robin Marquis has reached out to numerous villages as well as to Leigh to see if villages would like to be involved with this program. Miriam and Laurie will explore.

Administration for Community Living on Aging/Implementation of National Care Corps Application Care RFP      The Oasis Institute in St. Louis will be administering sub-grants for which villages qualify. The letter of intent is due by May 13. A group of DC villages have reviewed the proposal and, with input from the grant proposal writer, determined that it would cost $12K to write the proposal. Additionally, Leigh and Miriam already have spent significant time reviewing the grant, which they find to have onerous requirements. Mary Jo made a motion (seconded by Dave) that WAVE will not submit a proposal. The motion carried.

Date/Location for WAVE spring members meeting and WAVE board meetings/calls                    Kathy Pointer volunteered to seek out a location for the next meeting. We’ve chosen the date of Monday, April 27. We’ve identified the fourth Monday of each month from 12-2pm for monthly WAVE board meetings or conference calls. For the next in-person meeting, At Home in Alexandria can host at its 3139 Mt Vernon Ave location in Alexandria. Future meeting dates will be: May 18, June 22, July 27 and September 28.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:12pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cele Garrett

Recording Secretary

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