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WAVE BOD Meeting - Monday, July 29, 2019 - Minutes
Washington Area Villages Exchange
WAVE Board Meeting
July 29, 2019, 10:30am - 12:00 pm

In attendance:

Patricia Clark          Gail Kutner               Mary Jo Deering

Leigh Sempeles      Eddie Rivas               Cele Garrett

Sharon Canner       Miriam Kelty              Denise Snyder

Peggy Simpson      Patricia Scolero

Not present:

Dave Prescott         Virginia Hodgkinson   Don Moldover


Treasurer’s Report

Leigh reported current membership stats: Currently, there are 38 paid village, compared to 42 at this time last year. Despite this, revenue is a little higher because of a few private donations. On this topic, Leigh encouraged all board members to consider a donation. Current assets are $7,172.31. Income from villages is $1,340. Leigh revisited the idea of having board members each call a handful of lapsed WAVE members to follow up on their renewal. She will ask Dave to email the list of lapsed villages; each board member is to review the list and assign themselves to a village with which they might have a personal connection. We will also call villages that have not joined.

Leigh reported that she and Pat have reviewed the bylaws and are proposing some changes. The proposed language will be provided to the board for comment. Leigh will email the draft to board members and asks that we each read the language and “reply all” soon after with our approval or comments. Board comments will be incorporated in a new draft, which will then be posted on the WAVE web site for WAVE members to review prior to a vote at the next annual meeting.


Recording Secretary’s Report

Outgoing Recording Secretary Eddie Rivas noted that he’d distributed the May meeting minutes by email and received minor comments from one board member. The minutes were approved. Incoming Recording Secretary Cele Garrett will begin taking and distributing minutes from this point forward.


Corresponding Secretary’s Report

As Dave was absent, Patricia reported that he has removed board members’ contact info from the web site listing for privacy purposes after a number of disturbing phishing emails were sent to the board at their personal emails. This is in response to a concern about spam targeted to board members. People can contact WAVE and ask that the message be sent to any Board member.


VP Mary Jo Deering' s Report

The majority of the meeting time was spent discussing the November 14 WAVE mini-conference. Mary Jo began by thanking Wendy Zenker, Executive Director of Arlington Neighborhood Village, for her good work in securing the meeting space.

Cost.   The board reviewed the contract with Marymount University. Marymount is waiving fees for the meeting space. The board voted to approve the contract, but asked for clarification of what the AV costs entail. An additional expense likely will be a $6/day parking fee for each car.

Registration fees.   After discussion, the board agreed on a registration fee of $15 for WAVE members and $25 for non-members, whether the attendee is with a village or another organization in the industry. However, the fee will be waived for an industry expert who is invited to facilitate a session and does not plan to attend the conference. We do not anticipate there being many such exceptions and will encourage those individuals to join us for the remainder of the conference and pay a fee voluntarily.

Food and beverage.  Our goal is to keep food expenses to a minimum. It was agreed that we should include a continental breakfast plus a boxed lunch for attendees. Mary Jo suggested that the Virginia villages take on the job of asking for food donations or sponsorships. Leigh reminded us that we do have some funds in the budget as a back-up.

Registration, attendance and marketing.   We are requiring that attendees register in advance online. Denise is exploring Auctria, the registration software program Foggy Bottom is currently using. Eddie has offered his VTVN email address as a possible contact point to direct attendees for registration. We are hoping to have at least 75 attendees and could have as many as 125 attendees. A site visit in the coming weeks will answer capacity questions, clarify our set-up options, and give us a sense of what our accommodations could be for any exhibitors. Mary Jo will set up the site visit in the near future; board members are welcome to attend. To promote the mini-conference, each village is encouraged to reach out to their “short list” of industry partners. Mary Jo will work with Eddie and Sharon on copy that can be used in promotional emails that WAVE will send out to villages.

Programming.  Mary Jo shared the latest version of the conference matrix showing the four tracks. The opening session will be extended to let Barbara Sullivan, VTVN Executive Director, address the group. We will thank any sponsors as well. The breakout sessions will include no formal presentations but will be interactive discussions of the topic led by a facilitator. She suggested that board members begin to consider specific village leaders with subject area knowledge or facilitation skills. She will send out a request for their input shortly. There will be a series of conference calls by track once the subject area facilitators are identified. We will also assign a flipchart writer/timekeeper for each breakout session. Still to be determined: The content of our closing remarks.


VP Gail Kutner's Report

The next WAVE quarterly meeting will be October 7, where the discussion will focus on highlights from the VTVN conference. Denise and Miriam are looking at potential venues.


Respectfully submitted,

Cele Garrett,

Recording Secretary

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