Washington Area Villages Exchange


WAVE Board Meeting

Friday, May 10, 2019, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

In Attendance:

Patricia Clark                   Gail Kutner               Mary Jo Deering

Leigh Semples                    Eddie Rivas               Cele Garrett

Miriam Kelty                     Don Moldover              Denise Snyder


Not Present:

Dave Prescott                    Virginia Hodgkinson       Peggy Simpson

Sharon Canner                    Patricia Scolero


Leigh S. reported that WAVE’s total current assets were $7,207.31, $0.00 in current liabilities and $7,032.31 in total liability and equity.  [Leigh – pls confirm!] She also reported for the 2019 budget, we have income projections of $1,340.00 ($1,125 membership dues, $50 partner support, $65 donations) and expenses of $242.22 ($102.22 software update and $140 postal costs). 


Eddie R. stated that minutes from the April Member meeting would be available the following week. 

Cele G. volunteered to become the new Recording Secretary.

Eddie R. agreed to and completed follow up with Dave P. regarding the following:

-- Dave has an archive of materials collected from previous WAVE officers.

-- There exists and is posted a general WAVE mailbox, monitored by Dave: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-- Dave forwarded a Treasurer’s email to Leigh for consideration.

-- All contact information was previously stripped from the WAVE website.

-- Dave has no knowledge or experience with the use of online, electronic registration applications such as Event Bright or Sign Up Genius. 

Fall MiniConference

Mary Jo D. presented a proposed plan developed by committee (Mary Jo D., Miriam K. & Don M.) for a four-track miniconference, with approximately four breakouts for each track. The intent is to schedule the sixteen sessions throughout the day, no repetitions, with knowledgeable facilitators to manage the sharing of information across Village attendees.  Potential locations include DC, Silver Spring MD and Ballston VA. All locations will have Metro access and parking, and should be affordable.  Currently the conference budget is set at $1,150. 

Future Member Meeting Programming Ideas

While a date and location in DC have not yet been determined, the topics proposed a simple, short presentation on implementing a Memory Café and a longer presentation on updated research around Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias. 


There was a reminder to board members that at least three new board members will need to be elected in January 2020 to fill seats that will be termed out.