WAVE Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 12:30-2:30 pm

Library, 2501 Sherwood Hall Lane, Alexandria VA


(See Minutes Below)

    Board Composition:  Current Outgoing - Terms ending 12/31/2018, 2019 Members, and Founding Emeritus Members

    DC:  Patricia Clark, Leigh Sempeles, Patricia Scolaro, Peggy Simpson

    MD:  Mary Jo Deering, Don Moldover, Eddie Rivas, Denise Snyder, Miriam Kelty - term ending 2018, then Founding Emerita Member, Eva Cohen - term ending 2018

    VA:  Sharon Canner, Cele Garrett, Gail Kutner, David Prescott, Virginia Hodgkinson - term ending 2018, then Founding Emerita Member

    1. WAVE mission and/or roles:  discussion and clarification

    2. WAVE succession planning: review slides from CA regional group on succession planning

    3. Determine Board member terms: stagger them appropriately

    4. A. Dates for quarterly meetings in 2019:  Feb 25 MD, April 22 VA, Sept 9 DC. and Nov 18 MD (Annual Meeting, elections)

        B. Dates for future meetings: Jan, April, July, Oct, plus Board meetings

    5. Review of WAVE dues – costs, reminder email, follow-up, etc.

    6. By-Laws review: Board vote on by-law changes

    7. Feb 2019 Member Meeting agenda

        A. Board members will participate in suggesting and determining agendas/topics for WAVE Member meetings.

        B. Board members should reach out to villages for ideas, speakers, membership concerns, etc.

        C. Agenda items postponed from October:  Susan Messina, Iona, on LGBTQ; Mary Proctor, Capitol Hill Village, on advocacy 

    8. Board members sign Conflict of Interest statement (who will create this?)

    9. Identification of WAVE documents to be archived:  Denise Snyder and Pat Scolaro agreed to review documents and recommend which need to be archived: Pat S. will review documents from 2012-2014; Denise S. will review 2015-2018.