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WAVE BOD Meeting, Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - Minutes

WAVE Board Meeting

Tuesday, 27 Nov. 2018


In attendance:   

Sharon Canner           Miriam Kelty      Pat Scolaro  

Pat Clark               Gail Kutner       Leigh Sempeles     

Mary Jo Deering         Don Moldover      Peggy Simpson      

Cele Garrett            Dave Prescott     Denise Snyder

Virginia Hodgkinson     Eddie Rivas

The meeting opened with a discussion re: Kate Hoepke/CA Villages presentation at the VTV National Gathering. 

  • Questions arose about the motivations for the CA villages to organize; acknowledging that their grant funding made it possible to hire two staff members.
  • Is it a way to unify their villages, share experiences and pursue a research agenda?
  • The conversation evolved to whether WAVE should consider organizing a platform for open communications with our members, but recognizing that WAVE incorporates three state jurisdictions in the DC area.
  • It was suggested that WAVE canvass its members to determine their needs/wants, e.g. community calendar, village newsletter depository, place for each village to tell its story, or to “brand the village movement!”
  • This discussion led to a motion to review the WAVE mission, etc.

Voted Unanimously to accept the mission as is, to be revisited in six months.

The next discussion centered on WAVE dues. Dues will remain at their current levels. 

Voted Unanimously to add to the Annual Membership Dues form new fields asking for member, volunteer and participant statistics. 

Denise Snyder requested holding the next WAVE Quarterly Member meeting in Prince George’s County to recognize the villages in the county. All agreed and offered suggestions on how to proceed.  The tentative date was set for Monday 25 Feb. 2019.  Both Miriam and Peggy will have conversations with Mary Proctor in Capitol Hill to see if she’d be willing to be the speaker addressing the ABCs for Aging Advocacy. 

Lastly, we decided that we’d meet as a board again in January 2019; the date to be determined by a doodle.com poll. 

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