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WAVE BOD Meeting, Thursday, October 18, 2018 - Minutes

WAVE Board Meeting

Thursday, 18 Oct. 2018


Board Members Present:

Virginia Hodgkinson, Miriam Kelty, Leigh Sempeles, Pat Scolero, Pat Clark, Sharon Canner, Gail Kutner, Eddie Rivas;  [Taking Office in Jan. 2019: Denise Snyder, Mary Jo Deering, Dave Prescott, Cele Garrett]

Unable To Attend:  Peggy Simpson and Don Moldover

Board Actions:

WAVE By-Laws Review, Administrative changes and topics for further discussion and action at future meetings

  • Voted unanimously to approve a motion to create one new Vice President position, and affirmed a previous decision to have two Secretary slots (Recording and Correspondence).

Discussion and Decisions.  The President, First Vice President and Second Vice President will collectively be from villages in DC, VA, and MD.

The First VP serves as primary backup or stand in for the President, in the absence of the President, and a Second VP who would be the next Board member to back up or stand in for the President.

When the Past President is available, that person may serve as an informal advisor to the President.

The Recording Secretary is responsible for taking minutes of all meetings; the Correspondence Secretary will prepare communications to WAVE members and interested parties, with assistance from Board members as appropriate.

  • Voted unanimously to approve a motion to create two non-voting Emeritus Founding Board Member slots for the two remaining founders of WAVE, Miriam Kelty and Virginia Hodgkinson.
  • Voted unanimously in favor of a motion that only one board member from any WAVE member village may serve on the board at a time, i.e. no village may have two or more members serving on the WAVE Board at the same time. Those currently on the Board and are from the same village may stay.  No new Board Members may be from the same village as another Board Member. 
  • Administrative Decisions.

All Board members will participate in suggesting and determining agendas/topics for WAVE Member meetings.

Noted that we need to have all board members sign Conflict of Interest statements.

Noted that Board members should be more proactive in reaching out to villages for ideas, speakers, membership concerns, etc. 

  • Quarterly Meetings of the WAVE Members – voted unanimously to return to quarterly meetings. Meetings will be scheduled in Jan., Apr., Jul., and Oct. when possible.
  • WAVE Archives – Two board members will review documents to determine which documents need to be saved for archiving purposes: Pat Scolero will review documents from 2012-2014; Denise Snyder will review 2015-2018.
  • Upcoming Meetings:

After an initial report from the By-Law and Sustainability Committee, the Board decided that, at a future meeting, this committee will suggest by-law changes, for review and decisions of the Board.

  • By-law and Sustainability Committee (Leigh Sempeles, Pat Clark, and Miriam Kelty) will prepare a red-lined review document of the revised by-laws for the Board’s final approval process.

After a brief discussion of the things learned at the Village to Village National Gathering, the Board decided that, at a future meeting, the Board will review, discuss, and make recommendations and decision about the purpose and future of WAVE.

2019 Meetings Scheduled:  25 Feb 2019 – MD; 22 Apr 2019 – VA; 09 Sep 2019 – DC; 18 Nov 2019 – MD, Annual Member Business Meeting

Election of Officers – voted unanimously in favor for the year 2019

President                                Patricia Clark            DC

1st VP                                     Gail Kutner               VA

2nd VP                                    Mary Jo Deering       MD

Recording Secretary                Eddie Rivas              MD

Correspondence Secretary        Dave Prescott          VA

Treasurer                                Leigh Sempeles       DC

Next WAVE Board Meeting – Tue. 27 Nov 2019, 12:30-2:30 pm, 2501 Sherwood Hall Lane, Alexandria VA

     Agenda:      By-Laws review

                        Feb 2019 Member Meeting agenda

                        WAVE mission and/or role discussion & clarification

                        Review of WAVE dues – costs, reminder email, follow-up, etc.

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