WAVE Triannual Meeting

Monday, 01 Oct. 2018


This meeting opened with thanks to Georgetown Home Care for providing breakfast. John Bradshaw, their President, provided short remarks about how they see villages fitting into the total continuum of care. 

Thanks were also accorded to Peg Simpson, VTVN Board member, for organizing the agenda and support for this meeting; and to Leigh Sempeles, Foggy Bottom-West End Village, for hosting the meeting.

WAVE Business Meeting & Announcements

The minutes to the spring Triannual meeting as posted on the WAVE website were accepted without changes.

The Treasuerer reported that WAVE currently has $1,059.00 in our bank account. She also reminded everyone that 2019 dues will be collected starting in January 2019. This led to a very brief discussion and recommendation that the Board reconsider the low dues amount being charged to entities (for- and non-profit) who are interested in WAVE membership and can easily afford higher dues than $45/year. 

Shannah Koss of Community Development announced that Montgomery County MD was in the process of studying how to use medical/health data to help improve overall community health.  While this project is starting in the Silver Spring & Takoma Park áreas exploring data collection, over time they hope to expand and compare to other health data sets in Maryland and beyond.  She is available for further discussion. 

Board Members – Board members nominated for the 2019-2020 term were elected unanimously as follows:

DC – Pat Scalaro, Leigh Sempeles, Peggy Simpson

MD – Denise Snyder, Mary Jo Deering, Don Moldover

VA – Cele Garrett, Sharon Canner, Dave Prescott

Continuing to serve out their two year terms for 2018-2019 are Pat Clark (DC), Gail Kutner (VA), and Eddie Rivas (MD).

Officers will be elected by the Board at their next meeting, as per the bylaws.

The IT Workgroup reported that they continue to explore voice controlled/activated devices in the village context and the use of village software packages such as Club Express and Helpful Village.  They hope to organize a Train the Trainer session in the future for these efforts; tbd. They reminded all present that they meet in quarterly conference calls that are open to all WAVE members. 

Pazit Aviv announced that there was still time to register for the 2018 Montgomery County MD Village Gathering on 22 Oct. 18 in Gaithersburg MD. 

Guest Speaker: Barbara Sullivan, VtVN Executive Director

Barbara discussed the founding and history of WAVE and the lessons learned over its eight years of existence. 

She expressed that some of the successes of WAVE and the area’s villages were WAVE’s ability to serve as a meeting place to share learnings from each other; success in having over 70 villages in the DC-MD-VA región; and proving that villages are a successful model for aging in one’s own community.

Opportunities for growth for villages include becoming more involved in research, technology, policy developments/lobbying and sharing knowledge through presentations.

Challenges mentioned that are for all villages nationwide include increasing membership and leadership, growing staff resources, increase board and volunteer participation to support staff and loss of members and/or participation.

Barbara also mentioned that the national VtV Network was exploring new relationships with potential national partners such as Amazon, AARP, Mather Lifeways and the Campbell Soup Company.