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WAVE Board Meeting, Tuesday 22 Nov. 2016

WAVE Board Meeting

Tuesday, 22 Nov. 2016

In Attendance:  Miriam Kelty, Virginia Hodgkinson, Eddie Rivas, Pat Clark, Pat Scalero, Barbara Sullivan, L Liddle, Don Moldover and Gail Kutner; convened at 10:10 am.

WAVE Board Nominations discussion

Five board members seats are up for election in Jan. 2017 – Miriam K, Barbara S, L Liddle, Don M and Pat S.  All five are willing to be nominated to serve another two-year term, if confirmed by the membership during the January Annual Meeting.  Board members who have one year left to serve include Virginia H, Eddie R, Pat C, and Gail K. 

Miriam will contact individuals who have expressed interest in WAVE activities in the past to determine if they might be willing to be nominated for WAVE Board membership, in hopes of confirming three candidates for a total of twelve Board members. In order of contact/consideration (please excuse misspellings of names): Barbara Gage/Glover Park, Bob Craycraft/SW Waterfront, Lorna Grenadier/Foggy Bottom West End, Shannon Crockett/East Rock Creek, Rob Fleming/Mt. Pleasant, and Eva Cohen/Bradley Hills. 

The Board will recommend a new slate of officers with the following configuration: Three Presidential CoChairs representing DC, MD & VA (Miriam K, Barbara S & ???); no Vice President; two Secretaries – Eddie R as Corporate and L Liddle as Correspondence Secretaries; and Virginia as Treasurer (not discussed). 

We also agreed to change the WAVE Membership meetings to three per calendar year, “Trimester” meetings, which can be announced during the January Annual Meeting. 

By-Laws Committee and discussion

L Liddle will send suggested by-laws changes to the By-Laws Committee for consideration by 12 Dec. 2016.  Barbara S will research and note on record instructions for filing by-law changes, etc. in Virginia given that WAVE was incorporated in this state.  The By-Laws Committee will make sure that all formal, original paperwork is collected and forwarded to the Corporate Secretary as the custodian of all Corporate records and that electronic copies are made as well.    

Next Quarterly/Annual Meeting discussion

The January Quarterly meeting is scheduled to also serve as the Annual Membership Meeting for official business of WAVE.  [Given that the third Monday in January is the MLKing holiday, perhaps the meeting should be held on the following Monday, 23 January 2017.] Miriam will investigate speakers for a presentation on both Elder Abuse and At Risk Elders, or on Alzheimer’s and Other Related Dementias, to be determined.

Discussion on Communications/Correspondence and Webmaster Work

Discussion centered on the need to differentiate between the responsibilities of posting updates on the WAVE website vs. developing a WAVE newsletter, and the need for individual(s) to take on those responsibilities.  Presently an intern from the MD Volunteer Center updates the calendar on our website.  There was agreement that a WAVE newsletter might be developed, perhaps by the three Presidential Co-Chairs, that would offer resource articles and calendar updates from each of the three geographic jurisdictions that they represent.  This newsletter would serve as a communications vehicle between the three Trimester Membership meetings (every four months) proposed.  Miriam and Don will develop a short job description for this newsletter editing and posting responsibility that will be communicated to all WAVE email recipients and announced during the January meeting. 

Community Conversations and Community Research Project

Anthony Nerino reached out to the WAVE Board with a proposal for research in an email dated 16 Nov. 2016.  [I stand corrected – not everyone on the board received the email.] Both Miriam and Don communicated with Anthony Nerino, and Virginia read over the materials; all three had slightly different understandings of his proposal and WAVE’s potential involvement.  Therefore, Miriam will reach out to set up a one-hour conference call for Mr. Nerino to speak to the Board directly. This call will occur after 07 Dec 2016.    

IT Committee

Don M reported that the IT Committee has met with three developers of village management software, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, but none of which is the ultimate village software with administrative, financial, web and event management capabilities.  Therefore, it is his opinion that although the Committee will continue to search for more appropriate models of village management software packages, they are prepared to serve as consultants offering their ideas for villages who make such requests.

Meeting adjourned at 12:02 pm. 

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