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WAVE Board Meeting, Monday 20 Jun. 2016

WAVE Board Meeting

Monday, 20 Jun. 2016

In Attendance:  Miriam Kelty, Virginia Hodgkinson, Bob McDonald, Eddie Rivas, Pat Clark, Pat Scalero, Barbara Sullivan, L Liddle, Don Moldover, George Smith and Gail Kutner; convened at 11:33 am.

VTVN & Rand Survey discussion

Miriam K reported that UC Berkeley’s survey instrument was not relevant to all volunteer village models.  Another survey initiated by the Rand Corp., the CDC and AARP was in discussion; decided to ask local VTVN Board members Peggy Simpson, Barbara Gauge and Carol Paquet to report to WAVE the status of that survey. Miriam and Gail K are on the VTVN Research Committee scheduled to meet on the 23rd June; will report back to the WAVE BoD.  Barbara S will contact VTVN for more information on any/all ongoing surveys of villages.

VA Neighborhood Coalition

Had short discussion regarding other local/regional gatherings of villages in the area, and what their relationships to WAVE should be.  Gail K will reach out to Patricia Rohr from Fairfax County for more information on her gathering of Fairfax County’s villages.  We know that there is also a “Senior Agenda” in development in Maryland, with participation of some WAVE members.  Don M reported that there was a link on the WAVE website to a short, cartoon video on the Potomac Community Village that might be adapted or serve as a model for a future WAVE video presentation. 

Next Quarterly Meeting discussion

The next WAVE Quarterly meeting is due to occur in DC in September; we settled on  Monday the 26th Sept. Miriam reported that John Bradshaw of Georgetown Home Care may be interested in sponsoring the meeting.  We decided to have an open discussion for the meeting agenda such we gather information and/or questions from the membership to guide future WAVE activity. 

Membership Status Report

Discussion centered around the need to have an updated Membership report for the September Quarterly meeting. It would also be helpful to have an updated Treasurer’s report that shows bother revenues vs. income for WAVE.  Barbara S and Pat S will work to produce such updates. 

Ongoing Projects

L Liddle reported that he would shortly be in touch with the WAVE Census Committee members for updated WAVE member information.  Committee members include: Gail K, Virginia H, Pat S, Don M, Bob McD and Barbara Gage who will be approached by Pat Clark to determine willingness to serve. 

Don M reported that the IT Committee met with a potential developer of village management software, but has been waiting to hear back from him. He need to send out an RFP to get additional ideas/interest. The committee hopes to have a completed product in approximately three years, and is also looking for financial support.  They hope software can address both scheduling needs and communication needs for villages.

Miriam reported that the initial chapters of the revised Village guide are being reviewed and out for comment. The hope is that the guide will be available during the September Montgomery County Village Gathering. 

Other Business

We held a short discussion about what role WAVE might hold during the fall meeting of the national VTV Network in Columbus OH.  Both Miriam and Barbara reported plans on attending and possibly participating in workshop presentations.  They will report back afterwards.    

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm. 

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