WAVE Board Meeting - Agenda and Minutes

Thursday, August 2, 2018

11 am – Noon

Agenda (Amended)

  1. Initial Recommendations of WAVE By-laws Review Group
    1. By-Law Compliance Issues
      1. To comply with by-laws provision that members elect Board of Directors, designate fall meeting as Annual Meeting.
        1. Currently, the Annual Meeting is held in January. Dues notices go out in January, the beginning of our fiscal year.  Since only voting members (delegates from villages) vote and few villages have paid dues in January, only those few villages are eligible to vote.  Thus either those few eligible vote, or WAVE allows those who haven’t paid dues to vote.
        2. Moving the Annual Meeting that is required in the By-Laws, to a fall general meeting, would maximize participation of voting villages. It would lessen the probability of non-compliance with our by-law provision that member villages only are eligible to vote for Board members.
    2. Schedule an in-person meeting prior to October 1 meeting to review changes to by-laws, policies and other recommendations of the by-law review committee
  2. October 1 Meeting in DC
    1. Meeting will be at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Foggy Bottom Village, , 2430 K Street, NW
    2. Discussion of Agenda
      1. Panel: Lessons Learned - Peg
      2. Request by IONA staffer Susan Messina to discuss outreach to LGBTQ community (15 minutes)
        1. Board was surveyed about this request and favored it as agenda item
      3. Request from Mary Proctor of Capitol Hill Village to talk about DC villages engagement in advocacy activities
  3. New Business


  • Minutes       

  • On Call:  Peg S., Gail K., Pat C., Eva C., Miriam K., Virginia H., Leigh S., Dave P. & Eddie R.

    Unable to attend:  Sharon C., Don M. & Pat S.

    Opened discussion on the WAVE ByLaw recommended changes from Leigh and Pat C’s initial efforts (outlined in the Amended Agenda (see above).

    • Leigh and Pat will review § 2.2 Membership Classes, to assure that we address small non-profits’ dues and voting status.
    • Eva caught numerous typos noted during the call.
    • Everyone agreed to the recommended changes including moving the Annual Business Meeting with Board elections to the Fall meeting and creating two non-voting Emeritus Founding Board member slots on the Board for our outgoing officers.
    • In order to be transparent and solicit Board nominations from the WAVE members, Miriam offered to prepare an email memo to the membership with help from Pat C., Dave and Eddie, which would also be posted on the WAVE website.
    • Board seats open for election include 3 VA slots, 3 MD slots and 2 DC slots. [Virginia & Miriam will transition to Emeritus slots; Pat S and Barbara S no longer wish to serve; Eva, Don, Peg and Sharon can be reelected for another 2 year term.]
    • Potential candidates include Candace Baldwin/DC, Cele Garrett/VA & Dave Prescott/VA. Other candidates will be solicited both before the meeting as well as accepted “from the floor” during the Business Meeting.
    • Election of Board Officers will occur during the late Fall Board meeting, date to be determined using an online Doodle poll.

    Document retention was discussed and agreed to by all. Dave Prescott will collect all electronic and paper documents (for scanning) during the late Fall board meeting, to be saved on one external disk drive. He will also make a recommendation for potential cloud storage of these materials. 

    Leigh will investigate any legal issues around the transfer of Treasurer responsibilities outside of WAVE’s state of incorporation – Virginia.

    After a long discussion regarding the subject of the Fall 01 Oct 2018 WAVE Business Meeting, it was agreed that Barbara Sullivan will be a keynote speaker on lessons learned over the years from the Village movement. There will also be opportunity for a few respondents taking no more than five minutes; their names to be provided beforehand by Peg S., who has organized the meeting. Thanks to Foggy Bottom/West End Village for providing the meeting space. 

    Call/meeting ended.

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