WAVE Triannual Meeting

Monday, 14 May 2018

Meeting opened with welcomes and appreciation to the Arlington Neighborhood Village and the Arlington Department of Aging and Disability Services for hosting the meeting; and to Green Spring Retirement Community for sponsoring our refreshments. 

WAVE Business Meeting

Barbara Sullivan, outgoing Executive Director of Mount Vernon At Home, was recognized for her service to WAVE since its inception as a member, Board member and Co-Chair for the Board of Directors. She is moving out of the DC área and will soon become the Executive Director of the Village To Village Network.  Erica Frazier was introduced as the incoming Executive Director of Mount Vernon At Home. 

The Treasurer reported that WAVE’s total revenue as of 30 April 2018 was $6,334.19, with membership income of $1,209.13 and expenses of $205.10 since 01 Jan. 2018. Thanks were given for all those paying their 2018 dues to date. A reminder was given that as of 01 June, a $10 late fee would be added to the yearly village dues, for a total of $45.00 as of that date. 

The web-posted minutes of the 26 Feb. 2018 WAVE Triannual Meeting were accepted by the membership present, as submitted. 

Membership was told that the WAVE By-Laws were currently under review by the Board.  The Board hopes to make a recommendation for changes during the fall’s Triannual Meeting. 

The Board recommended creating three membership catagories with dues levels:

  1. Member Villages, $35/year dues
  2. WAVE Partners, $50/year; providers and other for-profits supporters
  3. Friends of WAVE, $35/year; individuals and small entities who are not villages but wish to support WAVE.

Dues for Emerging/Villages in Development will remain optional though donations from them are welcome.

Discussion:   Concern was voiced that service providers or corporate members should be able to afford and are likely willing to pay higher dues, perhaps as high as $100-200/year. The Board was urged to revisit the membership dues structure and to carefully consider WAVE’s mission when thinking of what entities are allowed to become voting members.

Announced was the start of a WAVE electronic newsletter that will be compiled following each Triannual meeting, by that meeting’s convener, and including information discussed at the meeting as well as announcements from the membership. For this meeting, information/announcements should be forwarded to Gail Kutner.

Secretary Eddie Rivas will ask the webmaster, Dave Prescott, to send an e-mail to each village on the WAVE mailing list requesting the name and contact information for a single contact from that village. Announcements and other information for the Newsletter will be accepted from that contact only.


In an effort to continue to learn about WAVE Villages and share such information, a Board task forcé is working on a short, one-minute survey for village members, using a Survey Monkey-like tool. 

Given the financial stability of WAVE at this time, the Board announced that we will be able to offer to pay for one village’s registration fee to the Annual Gathering in San Diego this coming fall.  An email will be sent shortly to outline eligibility and deadlines for selection of the village to be awarded this support

The IT Workgroup reported there is another software package recently developed called Easy Village Express based on a Microsoft platform. This is in addition to Club Express and Helpful Village. Also, the WAVE IT group is exploring the use of voice controlled technology (e.g. Alexa, Echo, Google Home etc.) to help people in their homes. The group met as a breakout sessión after the presentation and will alternate conference calls and in person meetings between triannual meetings..  Lastly, they remind everyone that there are users’ groups online for Club Express and Helpful Village via VTVN’s website. 


Northwest Neighbors Village announced that they would be holding a Healthy Aging fórum at the Washington Hebrew Congregation on 10 June; see posting on WAVE calendar. 

Northwest Neighbors Connecting (Baltimore MD) announced a one-hour documentary on the use brain building activities. Chava Ball commented that their brain building program has markedly increased engagement of people with the village.


Relationships between Age-Friendly Communities’ Initiatives and Villages, presented by Gail Kohn, Age Friendly City Coordinator, DC Mayor’s Office; Jane King, Chair of At Home Alexandria and Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Alexandria Commission on Aging; Marcia Pruzan, Senior Fellow, Age-Friendly Mongomery County MD, Office of Aging and Disability Services; and Laurie Young, Chair of the Arlington County VA Commission on Aging. Discussion revolved around how age-friendly communities compared and interacted with villages.

Discussion Groups

Meeting ended with discussion groups around age-friendly communities, operating and emerging villages and the IT Workgroup.