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Helpful Village program


Please RSVP BY Tues. Dec. 4 https://www.helpfulvillage.com/wave_presentation_rsvp

WAVE is inviting members to participate in discussions on and demonstration of Helpful Village but we take no position on the product. We see this opportunity as significant to let folks explore what the product is now able to do and reflect on how adequately it how it delivers on the value proposition for village software in general:
  • Try to understand how the software can serve as a repository of institutional memory for policy and practices.
  • Look for descriptions of straightforward and effective procedures and workflows that empower admins (volunteer or paid) to
    • organize administrative support
    • grow membership
    • develop sustainable practices that easily engage potential members and volunteers 
  • One big problem many villages face is that new members are reluctant to tackle administrative activities (calendar planning, event planning, program planning, member & volunteer recruitment) because of the need to use software (whether on computer, tablet or phone) instead of pencil and paper methods with a 'dedicated administrator(s)' to record and maintain the data. Volunteer-managed villages don't as a rule have dedicated administrators.
  • Can help villages towards sustainability and greater participation by enabling villages to engage more members to work with the software?
When: December 7th at 10:00 am

Where: Belle Haven Country Club

RSVP: https://www.helpfulvillage.com/wave_presentation_rsvp

        Belle Haven Country Club
        6023 Fort Hunt Road
        Alexandria, VA 22307


The Country Club is located right off the Beltway and within a mile of the Huntington Metro Station. There is ample parking, as well as plenty of handicap parking.
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