Montgomery County Village Coordinator
Monthly Update for May 15, 2015

​Hello all,

Please find May's updates below.

1. Montgomery County Village Gathering
2. Last WAVE's meeting follow up
3. World Elder Abuse Day
4. DC Faith communities and villages summit update

1. Montgomery County Village Gathering

It was wonderful to see so many of you last Tuesday, May 12th at the White Oak Community Center . A hundred and eight people from forty different communities in Montgomery County gathered to learn from one another, share ideas and form connections. Participants gave very positive feedback about the day and felt the gathering was a good use of their time. All power Points, handouts, photos and workshops summaries will be available on the website soon.

2. WAVE meeting

On April 27th, Washington Area villages Exchange held their quarterly meeting at the Bethesda Chevy chase Regional Service Center. The topic of conversation was the relationship between villages and local hospital. Representatives from local hospitals talked about their interest in working with villages and what the collaborations could look like. There was a great amount of interest in this topic and a work group is forming to look at this issue more closely. If you are interested in joining, please let me know.

3. World Elder Abuse Day

Elder abuse is a significant challenge and crosses all socio-economic and cultural boundaries. Each year, the county holds an elder abuse awareness day. This year, June 10th, we are going to hold the event at Holiday Park Senior Center. Please let your village members know about this event and come by to get information and learn about local resources available to you.

4. DC Faith communities and villages summit update

I was invited to attend an interesting event in DC today (Friday, May 15th). In the summit representatives from DC villages and DC churches discussed ways they can work together. The conversation revolved around issues of disparities, gentrification, and lack of basic needs for residents of poor neighborhoods. But the group also brought up creative and interesting ways communities of faith and villages can identify specific ways they can collaborate. If you find this topic interesting, please give me a call!

Thank you and enjoy your weekend,

Pazit Aviv
Village Coordinator
Aging and Disability Services
Montgomery County Health and Human Services
401 Hungerford Dr. 4th floor
Rockville MD 20850
phone: 240-777-1231
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Upcoming Events

2 Oct

Visit Brookside Gardens to kick off International Active Aging Week! Take a stroll around the grounds of Brookside Gardens on “Walk Maryland Day” and celebrate our official state exercise--walking! Doctors from “Walk with a Doc” will inspire you to through movement and conversation! Participate in one or more demonstrations including Zumba, Yo- Chi, and others! Food trucks will be available on-site for purchase. FREE to attend but advanced registration is encouraged.

Click here to see event details.
3 Oct
Caregiving can be a daunting and stressful job. Please join us for a FREE workshop featuring a compelling and informative discussion of local resources and housing and care options.

This workshop is free of charge and open to the community. Registration requested. Light refreshments will be served.

Click here for more details.
8 Oct
Event Description:

Age is more than a number and a person is more than the disease or condition that affects them. The agingin-place movement represents the creation of a space for meaningful connections and deeper engagement among neighbors. Similarly, functional and integrative

medicine looks beyond an individual’s symptoms to identify the root cause of an illness and apply a variety of remedies, including lifestyle, holistic and traditional therapies. Taking an innovative and collaborative approach, this practice examines more than just a condition, but the whole person - in mind, body and spirit. Primary care physician Andrew Wong, M.D. will discuss the uses and methods of this specialty and how it supports adults to not just age well, but to thrive.

This event is free and registration is required. Please share widely with your Village networks.

Click here for more detail.
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