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Business Meeting January 11, 2016

Minutes from WAVE Annual Business Meeting - Monday, 11 January 2016


WAVE President Miriam Kelty welcomed everyone to the meeting and outlined the agenda for both segments of the WAVE meeting, including the election of WAVE Board members. She thanked Mandy DeBarrs of Help Unlimited for sponsoring the meeting’s refreshments and noted that her company’s materials were available. Virginia Hodgkinson, WAVE Treasurer, reported that thirty-one villages had paid WAVE dues and thus have one vote during the election of the Board. The guest speaker, Peter Davis, was then introduced.

Business Meeting

Miriam Kelty read draft Vision and Mission statements to the membership and will be posted on WAVE’s website, open to comments in writing.

Miriam Kelty informed the membership that the Board had decided to continue to operate as it now does without interest in seeking or administering grants. Rather, we will continue to serve as a resource to villages, especially those in development.

Kelty announced that due to the importance of collecting regional data that could contribute to national village data efforts, Board member L Liddle will form a committee to explore this issue.

Board nominations and elections were the next order of business. Board members Peggy Gervasi and Iris Molotsky were thanked for their service given that both will leave the Board after today’s elections. Kelty announced which Board members were up for reelection for new two-year terms: Bob McDonald, Virginia Hodgkinson, Pat Clark and Eddie Rivas. Nominations from the floor were open: George Smith from Wyngate Neighbors Helping Neighbors and Gail Kutner from Arlington Neighborhood Villages. The slate of candidates for two-year terms was offered, voted upon and accepted unanimously by the membership at 11:12 am. The following Board members still have one year to serve on their existing terms: Miriam Kelty, L Liddle, Don Moldover, Pat Scolaro and Barbara Sullivan.

The Technology Workgroup reported that after reviewing numerous software packages for village business, no one package stood out for distinction or WAVE recommendation. Therefore, the Workgroup will continue to help villages in development with their general technology needs.

WAVE is currently negotiating with the Village-to-Village Network the basis for a WAVE-paid membership with a number of access codes to VTVN’s online materials. Also, WAVE members were reminded that they can access all materials from the National Village Gathering online at VTVN’s website – http://vtvnetwork.org/content.aspx?page_id=0&club_id=691012

Patzit Aviv from the Montgomery County Government reported that the revised draft of the Blueprint for Starting a Village (sic) is currently being edited and open for comments. She also reported that she recently posted her Monthly Report that contained a 2015 End of Year report on Montgomery County’s villages.

The WAVE meeting adjourned at 11:40 am.

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