WAVE Board of Directors Meeting

October 18, 2018, 1:30-3:30

IONA Senior Services, DC  

Fox Conference Room


1.  Introductions and Welcome new Board members

2.  Report on by-laws review - This may be helpful to new Board members

              A.  Review of officers’ roles

3.  Election of Officers 

4.  Discussion of Barbara’s keynote: Mission/ Role of WAVE.

5.  Policy documentation

              A.  Compilation of WAVE archival documents

6.  Meeting topics for coming year

7.  Plan Winter meeting in Maryland

              A.  LGBT and villages (Iona)

              B.  Advocacy-Cap. Hill Village + program

              C.  Sponsor (breakfast)

8.  Report on VtV meeting

9.  New Business


Washington Area Villages Exchange

Triannual Meeting

 Monday, October 1, 2018

Foggy Bottom West End Village

2430 K St N.W.

Washington, DC.

(Foggy Bottom Metro)


Refreshments by Georgetown Home Care



Today’s Program

9:30 - 9:45 a.m. - Mix and mingle breakfast

9:45 – 10 a.m. - Annual Business Meeting

  • Acceptance of Minutes
  • Elections
  • Dues
  • IT Work Group Update
  • New Business

10 to 10:05 a.m. - CEO, John Bradshaw, owner, Georgetown Home Care

10:06 a.m. to 11 a.m.

LESSONS LEARNED: A Decade of WAVE Villages: Opportunities, Challenges and Failures.

Keynote: Barbara Sullivan, Executive Director, Village to Village Network and former ED for Mount Vernon At Home Village.

Additional comments:

Mary Rojas, president, Mount Pleasant Village (DC)

Peggy Gervasi, president, Silver Spring Village (MD)

Q&A from the floor

Village activists are encouraged to add to this conversation. What were pivotal turning points?

What course corrections did you make along the way? What programs help you expand your reach, which other villages could emulate? What are stumbling blocks today? We will provide index cards for your comments.

11:00 – 11:10:   Break

11:10 – 12 noon:  Discussion groups

** Continuation of “Lessons Learned” conversation

** Developing & Operating Villages

** IT Workgroup: Voice Activated Devices


12 noon: Adjourn. 


Board Nominations Solicitation 2018

Each village that has paid its dues for the 2018 fiscal year (January to December), has one vote on any business matters at the annual meeting October 1, 2018.  Below is a list of villages who have paid their 2018 dues.

At the annual meeting there will be an election of directors to the WAVE Board.  There are twelve seats on the WAVE Board, four from each local jurisdiction, DC, MD, VA. 

The WAVE Board is asking you to consider nominating yourself or a person you know who is engaged in the village movement and who is interested in serving on this Board.

Board Seats and Terms                 

Board Terms Expiring January 1, 2019
Election October 1, 2018



Terms Served


Nominations Thus Far


Patricia Scolaro


Will run for reelection

Patricia Scolaro, others?


Peggy Simpson


Will run for reelection

Peggy Simpson, others?


Leigh Sempeles


Will run for reelection

Leigh Sempeles, others?


Eva Cohen


Is resigning from the Board effective 10/1/2018.

Mary Jo Deering, others?


Miriam Kelty


Served maximum term

Denise Snyder, others?


Don Moldover


Will run for reelection

Don Moldover, others?


Sharon Canner


Will run for reelection

Sharon Canter, others?


Virginia Hodgkinson


Served maximum term

Dave Prescott, others?





Cele Garrett, others?

Board Terms Expiring January 1, 2020



Terms Served




Patricia Clark


In mid term



Eddie Rivas


In mid term



Gail Kutner


In mid term


We will vote on nominees to fill vacancies at the October 1 meeting.  Some of the incumbents are eligible for another term, and some of those will run again.  Some slots are vacant because the incumbents have served the maximum time allowed in our by-laws, do not wish to run again, or have left the area.  The Board is planning to limit each village to one person on the Board at a time.

Board terms are two years; some of the original Board Members served an initial first term of one year, to stagger the board, some people have been appointed mid term and are now being elected by the WAVE members.

Any Director may serve a maximum of 3 consecutive terms or 6 straight years.

The Board considers operational issues, organizational policies, financial matters, and future programs.  Board members may prepare responses to correspondence and inquiries from individuals, other villages and organizations and share them with other Board members before speaking for the organization.  WAVE is completing its first decade.  In the upcoming terms, the Board plans to address succession and sustainability, current and future needs of WAVE Villages and of the Village Movement.

We welcome the input of our member villages and encourage you to become involved as a Board member or to serve on a committee.  Please send Board member nominations to our Secretary, Eddie Rivas (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by September 15, 2018.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the October 1 meeting.  We will post the list of nominees on the website a week before our October 1 meeting, and will present the list at the meeting.



WAVE Board Meeting - Agenda and Minutes

Thursday, August 2, 2018

11 am – Noon

Agenda (Amended)

  1. Initial Recommendations of WAVE By-laws Review Group
    1. By-Law Compliance Issues
      1. To comply with by-laws provision that members elect Board of Directors, designate fall meeting as Annual Meeting.
        1. Currently, the Annual Meeting is held in January. Dues notices go out in January, the beginning of our fiscal year.  Since only voting members (delegates from villages) vote and few villages have paid dues in January, only those few villages are eligible to vote.  Thus either those few eligible vote, or WAVE allows those who haven’t paid dues to vote.
        2. Moving the Annual Meeting that is required in the By-Laws, to a fall general meeting, would maximize participation of voting villages. It would lessen the probability of non-compliance with our by-law provision that member villages only are eligible to vote for Board members.
    2. Schedule an in-person meeting prior to October 1 meeting to review changes to by-laws, policies and other recommendations of the by-law review committee
  2. October 1 Meeting in DC
    1. Meeting will be at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Foggy Bottom Village, , 2430 K Street, NW
    2. Discussion of Agenda
      1. Panel: Lessons Learned - Peg
      2. Request by IONA staffer Susan Messina to discuss outreach to LGBTQ community (15 minutes)
        1. Board was surveyed about this request and favored it as agenda item
      3. Request from Mary Proctor of Capitol Hill Village to talk about DC villages engagement in advocacy activities
  3. New Business


  • Minutes       

  • On Call:  Peg S., Gail K., Pat C., Eva C., Miriam K., Virginia H., Leigh S., Dave P. & Eddie R.

    Unable to attend:  Sharon C., Don M. & Pat S.

    Opened discussion on the WAVE ByLaw recommended changes from Leigh and Pat C’s initial efforts (outlined in the Amended Agenda (see above).

    • Leigh and Pat will review § 2.2 Membership Classes, to assure that we address small non-profits’ dues and voting status.
    • Eva caught numerous typos noted during the call.
    • Everyone agreed to the recommended changes including moving the Annual Business Meeting with Board elections to the Fall meeting and creating two non-voting Emeritus Founding Board member slots on the Board for our outgoing officers.
    • In order to be transparent and solicit Board nominations from the WAVE members, Miriam offered to prepare an email memo to the membership with help from Pat C., Dave and Eddie, which would also be posted on the WAVE website.
    • Board seats open for election include 3 VA slots, 3 MD slots and 2 DC slots. [Virginia & Miriam will transition to Emeritus slots; Pat S and Barbara S no longer wish to serve; Eva, Don, Peg and Sharon can be reelected for another 2 year term.]
    • Potential candidates include Candace Baldwin/DC, Cele Garrett/VA & Dave Prescott/VA. Other candidates will be solicited both before the meeting as well as accepted “from the floor” during the Business Meeting.
    • Election of Board Officers will occur during the late Fall Board meeting, date to be determined using an online Doodle poll.

    Document retention was discussed and agreed to by all. Dave Prescott will collect all electronic and paper documents (for scanning) during the late Fall board meeting, to be saved on one external disk drive. He will also make a recommendation for potential cloud storage of these materials. 

    Leigh will investigate any legal issues around the transfer of Treasurer responsibilities outside of WAVE’s state of incorporation – Virginia.

    After a long discussion regarding the subject of the Fall 01 Oct 2018 WAVE Business Meeting, it was agreed that Barbara Sullivan will be a keynote speaker on lessons learned over the years from the Village movement. There will also be opportunity for a few respondents taking no more than five minutes; their names to be provided beforehand by Peg S., who has organized the meeting. Thanks to Foggy Bottom/West End Village for providing the meeting space. 

    Call/meeting ended.

WAVE Triannual Meeting

Monday, 14 May 2018

Meeting opened with welcomes and appreciation to the Arlington Neighborhood Village and the Arlington Department of Aging and Disability Services for hosting the meeting; and to Green Spring Retirement Community for sponsoring our refreshments. 

WAVE Business Meeting

Barbara Sullivan, outgoing Executive Director of Mount Vernon At Home, was recognized for her service to WAVE since its inception as a member, Board member and Co-Chair for the Board of Directors. She is moving out of the DC área and will soon become the Executive Director of the Village To Village Network.  Erica Frazier was introduced as the incoming Executive Director of Mount Vernon At Home. 

The Treasurer reported that WAVE’s total revenue as of 30 April 2018 was $6,334.19, with membership income of $1,209.13 and expenses of $205.10 since 01 Jan. 2018. Thanks were given for all those paying their 2018 dues to date. A reminder was given that as of 01 June, a $10 late fee would be added to the yearly village dues, for a total of $45.00 as of that date. 

The web-posted minutes of the 26 Feb. 2018 WAVE Triannual Meeting were accepted by the membership present, as submitted. 

Membership was told that the WAVE By-Laws were currently under review by the Board.  The Board hopes to make a recommendation for changes during the fall’s Triannual Meeting. 

The Board recommended creating three membership catagories with dues levels:

  1. Member Villages, $35/year dues
  2. WAVE Partners, $50/year; providers and other for-profits supporters
  3. Friends of WAVE, $35/year; individuals and small entities who are not villages but wish to support WAVE.

Dues for Emerging/Villages in Development will remain optional though donations from them are welcome.

Discussion:   Concern was voiced that service providers or corporate members should be able to afford and are likely willing to pay higher dues, perhaps as high as $100-200/year. The Board was urged to revisit the membership dues structure and to carefully consider WAVE’s mission when thinking of what entities are allowed to become voting members.

Announced was the start of a WAVE electronic newsletter that will be compiled following each Triannual meeting, by that meeting’s convener, and including information discussed at the meeting as well as announcements from the membership. For this meeting, information/announcements should be forwarded to Gail Kutner.

Secretary Eddie Rivas will ask the webmaster, Dave Prescott, to send an e-mail to each village on the WAVE mailing list requesting the name and contact information for a single contact from that village. Announcements and other information for the Newsletter will be accepted from that contact only.


In an effort to continue to learn about WAVE Villages and share such information, a Board task forcé is working on a short, one-minute survey for village members, using a Survey Monkey-like tool. 

Given the financial stability of WAVE at this time, the Board announced that we will be able to offer to pay for one village’s registration fee to the Annual Gathering in San Diego this coming fall.  An email will be sent shortly to outline eligibility and deadlines for selection of the village to be awarded this support

The IT Workgroup reported there is another software package recently developed called Easy Village Express based on a Microsoft platform. This is in addition to Club Express and Helpful Village. Also, the WAVE IT group is exploring the use of voice controlled technology (e.g. Alexa, Echo, Google Home etc.) to help people in their homes. The group met as a breakout sessión after the presentation and will alternate conference calls and in person meetings between triannual meetings..  Lastly, they remind everyone that there are users’ groups online for Club Express and Helpful Village via VTVN’s website. 


Northwest Neighbors Village announced that they would be holding a Healthy Aging fórum at the Washington Hebrew Congregation on 10 June; see posting on WAVE calendar. 

Northwest Neighbors Connecting (Baltimore MD) announced a one-hour documentary on the use brain building activities. Chava Ball commented that their brain building program has markedly increased engagement of people with the village.


Relationships between Age-Friendly Communities’ Initiatives and Villages, presented by Gail Kohn, Age Friendly City Coordinator, DC Mayor’s Office; Jane King, Chair of At Home Alexandria and Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Alexandria Commission on Aging; Marcia Pruzan, Senior Fellow, Age-Friendly Mongomery County MD, Office of Aging and Disability Services; and Laurie Young, Chair of the Arlington County VA Commission on Aging. Discussion revolved around how age-friendly communities compared and interacted with villages.

Discussion Groups

Meeting ended with discussion groups around age-friendly communities, operating and emerging villages and the IT Workgroup. 



WAVE Board Meeting

Mon. 23 April 2018

In attendence:  Miriam K., Barbara S., Peggy S., Virginia H., Eddie R., Gail K. (via phone call), Pat S., Pat C., Eva C., Sharon C.., Leigh S.

Not able to attend: Don M.

Introductions and acceptance of minutes from WAVE Board meeting on 26 Feb. 18, with Leigh’s name spelled correctly. 

Thanks and best wishes were given to Barbara Sullivan who will be leaving Mt. Vernon at Home as the ED to move to New Jersey to be closer to extended family.  She suggested a future Triannual meeting presentation on lessons learned from established villages, offering to return for such a panel in a future WAVE Triannual meeting, perhaps in the fall meeting. 

Gail gave an overview on the logistics for the morning 14 May WAVE Triannual meeting to be held at the Arlington County Aging and Disability Offices, 2100 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22204.  The speakers will be a panel of regional representatives working on age friendly communities.  Miriam, Barbara and Peggy will work with Gail to finalize wording for the email to send the agenda to the WAVE listserve. 

Virginia offered an informal Treasurer’s report. WAVE currently has 29 paid members and $6,299.19 in the bank. She reports that sending out the reminder to pay dues before 01 June to avoid late charges generated a steady increase of member dues payments. She also reported that we now have sufficient funds to underwrite a registration scholarship to the VTVN National Gathering for a village in development.

In discussing village membership, we voted to create two new catagories of WAVE memberships, for a total of three membership types:

  1. Village Members – actual village-type entities paying $35 annual dues;
  2. Friends of Villages – individuals who are interested in villages/aging in community/place who wish to be formally affiliated with WAVE, paying $35 annual dues; and
  3. Village Partners – entities/providers who wish to formally support WAVE and market their services to villages, paying $50 annual dues.

These new catagories will need to be incorporated into the WAVE ByLaws, which Leigh offered to start reviewing for changes.  We will maintain the late dues increase of $45 effective 01 June for the calendar year. Other updates to include in the governance change are three regional co-chairs and the length of service for board member terms.  Others may arise during the review process. 

A decisión was also made to start a WAVE newsletter to be published and emailed to paying members three times per year. It will be prepared each trimester by the hosting región right after each Triannual Meeting.  Potential subject matter may include a recap of the Triannual meeting as well as announcements of interest which include regional participation and other ítems of interest. 

In order to enhance village interest in WAVE operation, we discussed:

  • holding board meetings as a Triannual meeting breakout sesión, starting with the fall Triannual meeting;
  • inviting the staff representatives from surrounding jurisdictions (Patricia Rohrer/Fairfax Co., Pazit Aviv/Mont. Co., & Phil Hashey/DC) to hold a panel during a Triannual meeting to discuss their respective jurisdiction’s activities in re: to villages/aging in community;
  • regional reps meeting directly with the WAVE Board for discussions as appropriate; and
  • encouraging newsletter content to be submitted directly to Dave Prescott after consultation with him re: format, timing, etc.

Peggy S. suggested collecting basic information about WAVE’s villages so that in public presentations we could articulate who WAVE represented.  Peggy, Pat S. And Miriam will start collecting ideas for simple surveys of villages, which will not take more than one minute to fill out, thus encouraging participation. Survey Monkey may be used to simplify the process. Surveys may build upon each other, collecting new information each time, perhaps being timed on a trimester basis.  They will report back to board for next steps. 

Two non-agenda ítems were raised re: technology:

  1. Use of Google Voice as an after hours answering service, which Bradley Hills Village has used with success; and
  2. An announcement that Paul Burden is continuing his work with voice activated devices, see

Future Meetings

VTVN National Gathering, San Diego, 8-10 Oct. 2018

Fall WAVE Triannual – early October (1st?) based on space availability in DC. 

WAVE Triannual Meeting

Monday 26 Feb 2018

Meeting opened with welcome remarks and thanks to Kensington Park Senior Living’s representative Heather Flattery for sponsoring refreshments.

Thanks were also given to Dave Prescott who is WAVE’s webmaster, for posting the minutes of the fall Triannual meeting which were accepted without objection.


Thanks were extended to Don Moldover for his leadership of the WAVE IT Workgroup. He will step down from managing the committee, but will remain a member of it.

Isabelle Schonfield, Wyngate Neighbors Helping Neighbors announced the meeting of the Montgomery County Aging Commission’s Aging Friendly meeting on 28 March at the Silver Spring Civic Center.

The DC Resource Group announced a speaker on hoarding issues for their March meeting; and a panel from WAVE for their April meeting.

Diane LaVoy, Cheverly Village, announced a speaker on communication strategies with dementia patients on 03 March at the Cheverly United Methodist Church.

Lisa Walker, Hyattsville Aging in Place, announced that the MD Communities of Practice meeting in Columbia was to have a discussion on plasticity of the brain. 

Annual Meeting Business

Election of Board – By unanimous consent, the WAVE Board of Directors were approved: two new members – Leigh Sempeles/Foggy Bottom West End Village and Sharon Canner, Reston for a Lifetime; and three reappointments – Pat Clark/Glover Park Village, Gail Kuttner/Arlington Neighborhood Village & Eddie Rivas/Potomac Community Village; all will serve from Feb 2018 until Jan 2020.

Treasurer’s Report – Stated that as of February, only seven villages had paid 2018 dues, out of approximately 71 villages operating or in development in the DC Metropolitan Region.  Members were urged to please consider becoming paying and voting members of WAVE given the value it provides the region.

IT Workgroup – They reported that although they shared their software evaluation tool with the VTVN community, they had not received any feelback of any nature. They also reported that there exists an aging technology blog titled “Aging in Place Tech Watch”. They also reported that Paul Burton of the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind was using Amazon Echo to assist individuals with tasks; more information to come in the future.  The IT Workgroup reported that John Bradshaw/Georgetown Village was working on hospital discharge planning by using geomaps of local villages to target local outreach efforts.  Lastly, they asked attendees to consider joining the Tech Users Working Group.

Speaker Presentation

Miriam Kelty/Bannockburn Nieghbors Assisting Neighbors substituted for the planned speaker on late notice. Miriam offered a presentation on “Making An Aging Plan,” in which she discussed an overview of the many aspects that must be considered in planning for your life as you age. These include not only the creation of wills, estate plans, advance directives, etc., but also something called a Master Aging Plan, which is a long list of considerations when planning for longevity.  Presentation materials can be found at

Next WAVE Triannual Meeting is scheduled for 14 May 2018 in Arlington VA. 

WAVE Triannual Meeting, Monday, February 26, 2018


The next WAVE Meeting will be on Monday, February 26 in Bethesda at the Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Services Center, 4805 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814, 9:30-Noon. You can Google Montgomery County BCC Regional Services Center for directions.  The nearby Metro stop is Bethesda on the red line.  We look forward to seeing you.  Feel free to invite new staff or Board members of your village to join us.


Several operating villages have not yet paid dues for 2017. For the convenience of villages which have not yet paid dues, we will accept checks at the door on our February 26 Triannual meeting at the Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Services Center.  Operating villages are requested to pay the $35 dues for 2017 if they have not yet done so. Checks should be made out to Washington Area Villages Exchange.   Here is the dues form:  2017 WAVE Dues Form  to send in or to give to us at the meeting with your check.  We will accept dues for 2018 at the same time.  Emerging villages are invited to make a donation but are not required to pay dues.

Monday, February 26, 2018
Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Services Center
4805 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814
9:30 - 9:45 am     Mix and mingle breakfast
9:45 - 10:10 am     Business Meeting
Acceptance of Minutes
Announcements and Elections
Treasurer's Report and Dues
IT Work Group Update
New Business

 10:30 - 11:20 am     Challenging Relationships and Conflict

Even on the best of days, some relationships are challenging and stressful. Of course, we appreciate and accept that everyone has a different personality but certain behaviors, traits, habits, moods and temperaments can bring us to extreme feelings that impact our own mood, disposition and behavior.  This gets even more difficult when there is dependence or interdependence with the challenging person, when you have to work with that person or when you sense that something might actually be wrong with that person. Navigating through conversations and activities with difficult people requires skill.  Should you say something? If so, what should you say?

Kim Burton, Director of the Mental Health Association of Maryland will address this issue with her knowledge of human behavior and relationships. Kim will provide insight and tips for appropriate approach, engagement and strategies when you are faced with challenges by another person’s attitude or behavior.  Program participants will be able to ask questions, discuss and learn from each other and will leave with new skills and understanding.

11:20 - 12:00     Discussion Groups
Continuation of discussion above
Operating Villages and Emerging Villages
IT Systems
12:00 Noon     Adjourn

WAVE Board Meeting, December 8, 2017

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer reported that WAVE currently had 19 paid memberships, out of a potential for 65 villages in the DC-MD-VA metropolitan región.  Currently we have $665.00 in annual revenues, with $5,100.00 in carryover funds. 

There was agreement that we needed to get as many 2017 dues paid as possible.  Barbara Sullivan said that she would send an email with the information form to village contacts.  All agreed that we must do more to encourage dues payments, including reminders on the WAVE website, emails, the newsletter, etc.

The conversation evolved into a discussion regarding the need to recruit someone to write/edit/be responsible for a WAVE newsletter that might be compiled monthly.  One idea floated was that in the newsletter and during WAVE business meetings, we could feature a “village spotlight” on some aspect of one village for information sharing. 

Website & Host Server

Acknowledging that there does not exist a formal communications mechanism for information sharing, Dave Prescott (who has taken over keeping the WAVE website up to date) asked that we forward newsletters or information ítems of relevance to be posted on WAVE’s website. 

After considerable discussion regarding what entity/server would be chosen to host our website and regarding registering the domain name, it was agreed that Dave would investigate the options and make a recommendation for quick implementation. 

Although we discussed the need for a Communications Director to manage the email lists and the production of a WAVE newsletter, there was no decisión on who might be recruited to do so. This ítem remains open. 

2018 Annual Meeting & Elections

We decided that the next WAVE Triannual meeting would be held on Monday, 26 Feb. 2018 at the Bethesda/Chevy Chase Regional Service Center in Bethesda.  During this meeting, we are due to have elections for Board members.

The following was compiled for discussion:

  • Newly elected Board members from Jan 2017-Jan 2019 include Eva Cohen (MD), Bob Craycraft (DC, who resigned as a Co-Chair), Miriam Kelty (MD), L Liddle (VA, who’s since resigned), Don Moldover (MD), Pat Scolero (DC), Peggy Simpson (DC – replacing Barbara Gage) and Barbara Sullivan (VA).
  • Members with expiring terms from Jan 2016-Jan 2018 include Pat Clark (DC), Virginia Hodgkinson (VA), Gail Kutner (VA) and Eddie Rivas (MD).
  • Given Bob Craycraft’s resignation as a Co-Chair, Peggy Simpson has agreed to serve in that capacity for 2018.
  • A decisión was made to nominate another VA board member to replace L Liddle, Sharon Canner, who will run for election with those whose terms expire in Jan. 2018 (see above). This will give us a total of 12 board members – 4 DC, 4 MD & 4 VA.
  • Thus, the slate of board members for election during the February 2018 meeting include Sharon Canner (VA), Pat Clark (DC), Virginia Hodgkinson (VA), Gail Kutner (VA) and Eddie Rivas (MD).

The final ítem was a request from Steve Gurney from the Guide To Retirement Living, for a presentation to the Senior Resource Group on Monday 02 April 2018. Barbara, Peggy and Eddie will represent WAVE in that presentation.

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